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18-08-2016 | Neurodegeneration | News | Article

Calcium supplementation linked to stroke-related dementia risk in women

Researchers have a found an association between taking calcium supplements and an increased risk of dementia in women with cerebrovascular disease.

05-08-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Hopeful early results for stem cell implantation in chronic stroke

A first-in-man study of neural stem cell transplantation has found no safety issues and shows hints of efficacy in patients treated at least 6 months after an ischaemic stroke.

27-07-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Stroke centre benefits dependent on access time

The survival gains from receiving treatment in a stroke centre are negated if patients have to travel too far to get there, US research shows.

26-07-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Alteplase confers long-term survival benefit after stroke

Alteplase treatment in patients with acute ischaemic stroke is associated with a survival benefit among those who survive the acute phase, shows further analysis of IST-3.

18-07-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Expanded INTERSTROKE confirms global hypertension impact

Hypertension accounts for around half of all strokes in all regions of the world, show the results of the second phase of INTERSTROKE.

30-06-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Virtual reality games fail to outplay card and ball games in stroke rehabilitation

Researchers have found inexpensive recreational activities such as playing cards or ball games are as effective add-on therapies to conventional stroke rehabilitation as virtual reality interventions.

24-06-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

CYP2C19 gene variants undermine clopidogrel stroke prevention

The first look at CYP2C19 mutations in the context of a randomised controlled trial has confirmed suspicions that they affect the efficacy of clopidogrel in patients with acute stroke.

20-06-2016 | Arrhythmia | News | Article

Apixaban effective in polypharmacy setting

The superiority of apixaban over warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation is maintained in those taking multiple medications, shows further analysis of the ARISTOTLE trial.

16-06-2016 | Arrhythmia | News | Article

Worsening renal function linked to increased cardiovascular risk in AF

Patients with atrial fibrillation and declining renal function are at increased risk of subsequent stroke or systemic embolism, major bleeding and death, US researchers report.

16-06-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Global stroke burden largely due to preventable risk factors

More than 90% of the global stroke burden is attributable to modifiable risk factors and with behavioural and metabolic risk factors making the greatest contribution, controlling these could avert more than three-quarters of this burden.

15-06-2016 | Alzheimer's disease | News | Article

Cerebral vessel disease increases Alzheimer’s dementia risk

Cerebral vessel disease may be an under-recognised risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease dementia, say researchers.

14-06-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Risk factors differ for early and delayed dementia after ICH

Acute haematoma parameters predict the onset of dementia in the first 6 months after intracerebral haemorrhage, but not that of delayed dementia, report researchers.

10-06-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Individual patient meta-analysis supports tPA stroke benefits

The benefits of intravenous tissue plasminogen activator outweigh the risks in acute stroke patients treated within 4.5 hours of symptom onset, reports the Stroke Thrombolysis Trialists’ Collaboration.

09-06-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

ATACH-2 disputes intensive BP control benefits in acute ICH

Reducing systolic blood pressure to less than 140 mmHg has offered no benefits over standard care for patients with acute intracerebral haemorrhage in the ATACH-2 trial.

07-06-2016 | Alzheimer's disease | News | Article

Cerebral microbleeds warn of dementia risk

A high cerebral microbleed count increases an individual’s risk of cognitive deterioration and dementia, study results indicate.

01-06-2016 | Arrhythmia | News | Article

Just one stroke risk factor signals anticoagulation need in AF

The risk of stroke or systemic embolism is significantly increased in atrial fibrillation patients with just one risk factor apart from gender, say researchers.

01-06-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Researchers call for more accurate renal assessment in stroke patients

Unrecognised renal insufficiency is common among patients with acute stroke and is associated with a significantly increased risk of in-hospital mortality or severe disability at discharge, say researchers.

31-05-2016 | Hypertension | News | Article

Antihypertensive adherence may only partly explain BP variability

Study findings strengthen the suggestion that visit-to-visit variability in blood pressure is at least partly accounted for by patients’ adherence or otherwise to their antihypertensive medication.

26-05-2016 | Neurology | News | Article

Normoglycaemia key to improved neurological outcome after paediatric stroke

Achieving normal blood glucose concentrations may be important in preventing poor neurological outcomes in children following acute arterial ischemic stroke, a retrospective review indicates.

19-05-2016 | Stroke | News | Article

Early aspirin benefits after minor stroke ‘underestimated’

A meta-analysis of individual patient data has thrown light on the benefits of aspirin for secondary prevention in patients with ischaemic stroke.

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