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Lucy Piper

medwireNews Bureau Chief

Lynda Williams

medwireNews Deputy Bureau Chief

Wealth of Knowledge

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Journalistic skills backed by scientific expertise for accurate and relevant reporting

Variety of Formats

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Convenient, accessible and timely multimedia formats that engage and inform


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Current research and clinical results across multiple therapy areas

medwireNews Senior Team

Our dedication to science and journalism – and most importantly to our clients – is what drives us. Partner with us to boost your educational activities and build those important relationships with healthcare professionals, inspiring them in their continued learning.

Lucy Piper

Bureau Chief

Lucy has a BSc in zoology and after completing a postgraduate diploma in science communication joined the medwireNews team at its inception in 2000, having previously worked in journal publishing. She has a wealth of experience reporting across a wide variety of medical specialties, ranging from psychiatry to obstetrics and dermatology, and has overseen the expansion of the medwireNews bureau and its portfolio to include news, conference coverage, expert videos, podcasts and webinars. Lucy is passionate about upholding good quality and accurate scientific reporting and is responsible for driving the growth and development of medwireNews.

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Lynda Williams

Deputy Bureau Chief

Lynda graduated with a BSc (Hons) in experimental pathology and an MSc in oncology. She has continued to focus on oncology since joining medwireNews in 2001, writing regular news on a broad range of malignancies and other medical specialties including paediatric endocrinology, thrombosis and gastroenterology. Lynda has worked on a variety of multimedia medical educational materials including congress news, video interviews, podcasts, symposia, panel discussions, webinars and other online content.