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Oral medicine

Oral medicine

27-02-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Tooth extraction before heart surgery carries risks

Dental extraction before cardiac surgery may not be as benign a procedure as some clinicians might think, with review findings showing that it is associated with major adverse outcomes.

30-01-2014 | Infectious disease | Article

Key role for Fusobacterium adhesin in non-orthodontic periodontal inflammation

Researchers from China have found that patients with gingivitis and periodontitis are more likely to have Fusobacterium nucleatum carrying the novel Fusobacterium adhesin A than periodontally healthy people.

18-12-2013 | Oral medicine | Article

Shades of gray in QoL measures after dental whitening

A complex picture has emerged of changes in oral-health-related quality of life after at-home dental bleaching, with some measures improving and others deteriorating after the treatment, a Brazilian double-blind randomized clinical trial has shown.

20-11-2013 | Endocrinology | Article

Type 2 diabetes cytokine elevation places teeth at risk

Scientists have detected significant differences in the cytokine and chemokine make up of gingival crevicular fluid taken from chronic periodontitis patients with uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes and those without.

17-10-2013 | Oral medicine | Article

Cavity restoration predicts dental bleeding, calculus

Dental assessment of young adults in Brazil has linked posterior restoration of cavities to an increased risk for gingival bleeding and dental calculus.

23-09-2013 | Oncology | Article

Dental caries show ‘unexpected’ relationship with head and neck cancer

People with dental caries have a reduced risk for developing head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, a large case-control study has found.

18-08-2013 | Rheumatology | Article

Periodontitis may induce rheumatoid arthritis precursor

Periodontal disease caused by Porphyromonas gingivalis infection can induce the autoimmune response that characterizes rheumatoid arthritis, a pilot study indicates.

10-07-2013 | Pain medicine | Article

Half of Brazilians suffer headache, orofacial pain

Headache and orofacial pain have a surprisingly high prevalence in the general Brazilian population, affecting more than half of 890 people interviewed in a study.

23-06-2013 | Geriatrics | Article

Oral hygiene boost could reduce elderly pneumonia risk

Findings from a US study suggest that improving oral hygiene could reduce rates of pneumonia in community-dwelling older adults.

20-06-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

Quantitative over qualitative for preschool caries assessment

An algorithm-based quantitative approach is the best means of caries risk assessment in preschool children, suggests research published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry.

21-05-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

Citrus consumption linked to childhood tooth wear

Parents should be warned about the impact of diet on teeth, say Australian researchers who found at least one in six children show signs of tooth wear.

28-04-2013 | Public health | Article

Dental problems create substantial burden

Over 40 million hours are lost each year due to dental problems and their treatment in the Canadian population, study findings indicate.

25-04-2013 | Oncology | Article

Tonsil resection prior to radiation improves survival

Performing tonsillectomy before radiotherapy in patients with stage I/II tonsil cancer is associated with improved survival, an analysis of US data indicates.

22-04-2013 | General practice | Article

Good dental care reduces mortality risk in elderly

Elderly individuals with tooth loss could lower their risk for mortality if they practice good oral hygiene, report researchers.

21-04-2013 | Oncology | Article

Tea and coffee may protect against oral cancer

Consumption of tea and coffee is inversely correlated with the risk for cancer of the oral cavity, a large population-based study suggests.

18-04-2013 | Otolaryngology | Article

HPV infection plays major role in oropharyngeal cancer

Infection with human papillomavirus type 16 has an important role in the etiology of oropharyngeal cancers, results from a large case–control study indicate.

14-04-2013 | Oral medicine | Article

Enamel craze lines show weak link with peroxide-induced sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a common but short-lived side effect of bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, a study by Turkish researchers indicates.

11-04-2013 | Oncology | Article

Irsogladine helps limit chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis

Irsogladine maleate is a promising drug for the management of oral mucositis in patients undergoing 5-fluorouracil-based chemotherapy, results of a randomized placebo-controlled trial indicate.

07-04-2013 | Oral medicine | Article

Light activation does not improve efficacy of tooth whitening

The use of light activation does not appear to enhance the effectiveness of tooth whitening, but is associated with greater sensitivity immediately after treatment, results of a clinical study show.

03-04-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Diabetes patients ‘need better education about oral health’

There is a strong association between Type 2 diabetes mellitus and chronic periodontitis, say researchers, who call for greater awareness of this link among healthcare practitioners and patients.