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11-04-2019 | Oncology | News | Article

AACR 2019 in brief

Prostate cancer incidence, mortality has decreased or stabilized in many countries

medwireNews: Research reported at the AACR Annual Meeting 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, shows that the incidence of prostate cancer and associated mortality has generally declined or remained steady in most of the countries with available data.

Incidence data for the most recent 5-year period – largely encompassing 2008–2012 – were available for 44 countries, and showed an increase in four countries, a decrease in seven, and stable rates in the remaining 33 countries. Bulgaria had the greatest increase in prostate cancer incidence, while the USA had the largest decline.

With respect to prostate cancer mortality, available data from 71 countries demonstrated that rates rose in three countries, declined in 14 countries, and remained stable in 54 countries.

The investigators also analyzed long-term trends from 1980 to 2012 in 38 countries, finding that prostate cancer incidence and mortality rates tended to increase until the early to mid-2000s, after which the rates decreased or stabilized.

Nonetheless, presenting author MaryBeth Freeman, from the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, noted in a press release that “prostate cancer remains the second most commonly diagnosed cancer and the sixth leading cause of cancer death among men worldwide.”

And she concluded: “Future studies should monitor trends in mortality rates and late-stage disease to assess the impact of reduction in [prostate-specific antigen] testing in several countries.”

By Shreeya Nanda

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AACR Annual Meeting 2019; Atlanta, Georgia, USA: 29 March–3 April

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