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20-06-2010 | Gynaecology | Article

IVF unaffected by adenomyosis in women with endometriosis


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MedWire News: Research results indicate that the presence of adenomyosis in women with endometriosis has no adverse effect on IVF/intracytoplasmic (ICSI) outcomes.

Previous studies have suggested that adenomyosis — in which endometrial glands and stroma are present within the uterus — could adversely interfere with embryo implantation, explain Velja Mijatovic and colleagues from the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The team compared IVF/ICSI outcomes among 74 infertile women with known endometriosis (90.4 percent stage III-IV). The women were treated with gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)-agonist for a mean 5.35 months prior to fertility treatment, and uterine adenomyosis was detected by ultrasound in 20 of them.

The respective embryo fertilization rates among women with and without adenomyosis were 48 and 42 percent, implantation rates were 31 and 28 percent, miscarriage rates were 18 and 26 percent, and ongoing pregnancy rates were 35 and 30 percent, report the researchers.

After hypothesizing that the long-term GnRH-agonist would beneficially influence the uterus prior to fertility treatment, Mijatovic et al conclude: “As expected, we found no differences in any of the investigated IVF/ICSI outcomes between women with and without adenomyosis.”

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By Sarah Guy