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17-04-2011 | Gynaecology | Article

Chromosomal polymorphic variations not linked with IVF outcome


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MedWire News: Chinese researchers report that chromosomal polymorphic variations appear to have no adverse effects on IVF outcomes.

The finding contradicts recent research suggesting that there may be a relationship between polymorphic variants of chromosomes and infertility.

The team did observe a trend towards higher miscarriage rates among couples where the male partner had a chromosomal polymorphic variation, but this did not reach statistical significance.

Xiao-Ming Zhao (Renji Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China) and colleagues carried out chromosome karyotype analysis using blood samples from 1671 infertile couples.

The cohort was divided into three groups: Group 1, couples with normal chromosomes (controls; n = 1402); Group 2, couples with polymorphic variants of chromosomes in females (n=82); and Group 3, couples with polymorphic chromosomes in males (n=187).

The Y chromosome heteromorphism in men was the most common variant observed (7.3 percent).

No differences were observed in implantation, clinical pregnancy, or ongoing pregnancy rates among the three groups.

However, compared with controls, Group 2 had a similar early miscarriage rate (7.9 vs 6.8 percent) whereas Group 3 had a higher miscarriage rate (10.3 versus 6.8 percent), albeit nonsignificantly so.

Zhao and co-workers comment that despite their study conclusions, "a greater number of samples and more sensitive techniques are needed for further study."

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By Sarah Guy