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23-06-2013 | Cardiology | Article

Insomnia increases blood pressure variability in elderly

Long sleep duration and persistent insomnia are associated with increased visit-to-visit blood pressure variability in elderly individuals at high risk for cardiovascular disorder, research shows.

23-06-2013 | Geriatrics | Article

Oral hygiene boost could reduce elderly pneumonia risk

Findings from a US study suggest that improving oral hygiene could reduce rates of pneumonia in community-dwelling older adults.

21-05-2013 | Oncology | Article

Over 75s with RCC represent unique subpopulation

Older adults with metastatic renal cell carcinoma are less likely to receive treatment, and have a poorer outcome than their younger peers, research suggests.

15-05-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

Constipation builds up QoL, mortality risks

Australian researchers highlight the widespread impact of constipation on both quality of life and longevity, finding the majority of women experience symptoms in later life.

29-04-2013 | Geriatrics | Article

Cognitive training improves insomnia sleep quality

Older adults with insomnia could benefit from computerized cognitive training, which researchers have found helps in the initiation and maintenance of sleep.

28-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Revised criteria improve early-onset dementia diagnosis

Updated diagnostic criteria based on the Frontotemporal Dementia Consensus are “encouragingly” sensitive and specific in identifying patients who have early-onset dementia, a study finds.

25-04-2013 | Internal medicine | Article

Geriatric focus cuts hospital costs

An Acute Care for Elders unit with a focus on identifying and treating geriatric syndromes significantly reduces costs and 30-day readmissions for elderly patients, a study finds.

24-04-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

Surgery extends life for metastatic colorectal cancer patients

Individuals with colorectal cancer that has metastasized to the liver or lung live longer after curative surgery plus chemotherapy than their counterparts who receive palliative chemotherapy alone, report researchers.

23-04-2013 | Geriatrics | Article

Transcranial magnetic stimulation benefits in Parkinson’s disease

A course of low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation delivered over the supplementary motor area improves motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s disease, shows results from a randomized controlled trial.

22-04-2013 | Radiology | Article

Radiotherapy improves QoL among elderly with bone metastases

Radiotherapy can significantly improve the quality of life of elderly individuals with cancer that has metastasized to the bone, show study results presented at the 2nd European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology Forum in Geneva, Switzerland.

22-04-2013 | General practice | Article

Good dental care reduces mortality risk in elderly

Elderly individuals with tooth loss could lower their risk for mortality if they practice good oral hygiene, report researchers.

17-04-2013 | Rheumatology | Article

Moderate- outweighs light-pressure massage for rheumatoid arthritis pain

Moderate-pressure massage benefits people with rheumatoid arthritis in their upper limbs by reducing pain and improving grip strength and range of motion, say researchers.

15-04-2013 | Internal medicine | Article

Advanced care planning ‘should be standard’

Quality and outcomes would likely improve If advanced care planning processes and documentation in residential aged care facilities became standardized, say researchers in

BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care


15-04-2013 | Cardiology | Article

Global vascular risk factors for cognitive decline modifiable

Vascular risk factors that are potentially modifiable are associated with cognitive decline in aging populations, show research findings.

15-04-2013 | Radiology | Article

Incidental CT could boost osteoporosis detection

Patients undergoing abdominal computed tomography could be assessed for incidental osteoporosis of the lumbar spine, US researchers say.

11-04-2013 | Geriatrics | Article

Poor health underlies sleep duration and mortality link

Mortality appears to be increased in patients with insomnia only if they have poor pre-existing health, say researchers.

10-04-2013 | Orthopaedics | Article

Vertebral body stenting fails to improve compression fracture surgery

Vertebral body stenting offers no advantage over balloon kyphoplasty for the treatment of painful vertebral compression fractures, suggests research published in the

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery


09-04-2013 | Surgery | Article

Decline linked to poor colorectal cancer chemotherapy outcomes in elderly

Severe toxicity and unexpected hospitalization among elderly patients receiving first-line chemotherapy for metastatic colorectal cancer is predicted by factors such as cognitive function and impairments in autonomy, say French scientists.

08-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Disruptive nursing home residents in pain don’t do locomotion

Nursing home residents who have dementia are more likely to exhibit aggressive and agitated behavior the more pain they are in, report US researchers.

27-03-2013 | Neurology | Article

Sleep quality predicts preclinical Alzheimer’s disease

Poor sleep quality is associated with the early signs of amyloid deposition and may therefore predict preclinical Alzheimer’s disease, researchers report.