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18-09-2011 | General practice | Article

CCG ‘ready reckoner’ launched


CCG Running Costs Tool: A Ready Reckoner

The Department of Health (DoH) has developed a financial "Ready Reckoner" to help clinical commissioning groups (CCG) to map the financial implications of different commissioning support arrangements.

Launching the tool, health secretary Andrew Lansley said it would help commissioners achieve "better value" by allowing them to explore their options and decide which is the best model for them.

"We hope for it to support a range of local discussions between CCGs and with PCT clusters about where it makes sense to share functions and enter into more federated models in order to generate better value for money," he said.

Developed and tested in partnership with Pathfinder groups, Strategic Health Authorities and PCT clusters, the tool allows CCGs to assess their corporate structure, clinical leadership and staffing. The government hopes the tool will identify unaffordable CCGs that are too small to survive as standalone organisations.

At an event for CCG leaders, some delegates said they felt they were being forced into a centralised model by PCT clusters and budgetary constraints. But Dame Barbara Hakin, managing director of commissioning development at the DoH, said it would be difficult for very small CCGs to survive as statutory bodies from 2013.

"We have to flush that out early," she said. "There is a way to work together without being a statutory organisation. It could be about risk-pooling for services of unforeseen management costs."

The Ready Reckoner is available on the DoH website.

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By Joanna Lyford