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29-04-2022 | Diabetes | News | Article

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Concentrated rapid-acting insulin shows early promise

Author: Eleanor McDermid

medwireNews: Results of a phase 1 study show that a concentrated version of insulin aspart not only provides a smaller injection volume but also has a more rapid onset of action than the standard version.

Eva Svehlikova (Medical University of Graz, Austria) and colleagues tested the novel insulin – AT278, which comes at a concentration of 500 U/mL – in 38 men with type 1 diabetes of an average 19 years’ duration during an 8-hour euglycemic clamp.

When AT278 was compared with standard insulin aspart U100, both at a total dose of 0.3 U/kg, AT278 had a significantly faster onset and maximum exposure was reached earlier. This translated to a more rapid glucose-lowering effect, with onset of action in a median of 11.5 versus 21.5 minutes for AT278 versus aspart U100.

Insulin exposure was fourfold higher during the first 30 minutes after administration of AT278 versus aspart U100, giving a twofold larger glucose-lowering effect within the first 60 minutes, Svehlikova told delegates at the ATTD meeting in Barcelona, Spain.

Over the entire duration of the clamp, the insulin exposure and glucose-lowering efficacy of AT278 was noninferior to insulin aspart U100.

Svehlikova noted that, besides providing a smaller injection volume so that people with high insulin needs do not need to split their injections, concentrated insulins also facilitate the development of smaller injection devices.

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ATTD 2022; Barcelona, Spain: 27–30 April

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