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22-04-2012 | Cardiology | Article

Women receive lower quality of treatment for ACS than men in China


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MedWire News: A study has shown that a substantial proportion of women with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) receive a lower quality of treatment during hospitalization in China than men.

The findings were presented by Na Wang (Capital Medical University Beijing, China) and colleagues at the World Congress of Cardiology in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Bridging the Gap on Coronary Heart Disease Secondary Prevention in China (BRIG) study corroborated findings from two other studies at the conference, which showed that in India, fewer women with ACS are admitted to hospital and have worse outcomes than men, and that women in the Middle East with ACS tend to be admitted significantly later to hospital than men.

Wang et al recruited a total of 65 hospitals from all 31 provinces in mainland China and the Hong Kong region using a multistage nonrandomized sampling approach.

A questionnaire examining medication use during reperfusion therapy and throughout the hospital stay was completed by 3168 ACS patients, of whom 1010 were women.

The findings revealed that 35.1% of women admitted to hospital with ACS received clopidogrel or ticlopidine, 88.7% aspirin, and 58.4% a low molecular weight heparin. Sixty-eight percent received an ACE inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker, 66.5% a beta blocker, and 66.1% a statin.

Only 8.9% of the women with ACS received all six medications mentioned above.

Further analysis showed that only 24.6% of the women underwent reperfusion therapy, of whom 74.4% underwent percutaneous coronary intervention.

The authors note that treatment rates of all the guideline-recommended strategies were significantly lower in women than in men, and that this distinction was most significant in patients with unstable angina.

"A [more] substantial proportion of women with ACS did not receive proper treatment during hospitalization in China [compared with] men," they say.

"The quality of care for women with ACS in China was [unsatisfactory] and was in urgent need of improvement."

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By Piriya Mahendra

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