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11-07-2013 | Respiratory | Article

Asthma shouldn’t keep patients at base camp

Researchers show that patients with asthma experience a moderate loss of asthma control and increased neutrophilic airway inflammation on exposure to high altitude.

22-04-2013 | Occupational medicine | Article

Sporting chance to get back to work for spinal cord injury patients

Research suggests that participation in organized sports may help people with chronic spinal cord injury get back into employment.

21-04-2013 | Surgery | Article

Blood protein levels provide brain injury prognosis

Serum S-100β protein concentrations are significantly associated with unfavorable prognosis after moderate or severe traumatic brain injury, a study finds.

21-04-2013 | Gynaecology | Article

Exercise-related breast pain affects third of female runners

Research suggests that around a third of women who run regularly experience breast pain or mastalgia as a result.

18-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Exercise mediates alcohol brain harm

Researchers have found that aerobic exercise may mitigate the damaging effect of heavy alcohol consumption on white matter in the brain.

14-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Adolescent cigarette use reduced by exercise

Regular exercise significantly reduces daily cigarette use among adolescents, report researchers in the Journal of Adolescent Medicine.

07-04-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Health benefits of walking underestimated

US research shows that people can gain the same health benefits by walking as they can by running, as long as they expend the same amount of energy.

24-03-2013 | Sports medicine | Article

New hope for athletes with elbow problems

Two studies presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Annual Meeting in Chicago, USA discussed effective treatments developed for use in athletes with elbow tendon or ligament injury.

17-03-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

Acute physical exercise beneficial for executive functioning

Findings from a meta-analysis published in the

British Journal of Sports Medicine

suggest that acute physical exercise appears to increase executive function domains in children, adolescents, and young adults.

13-03-2013 | Orthopaedics | Article

MT-5 fracture rare but troublesome in young footballers

Researchers have characterized metatarsal five fractures in male footballers, finding injuries to be rare, occurring most commonly among young players, and associated with a risk for healing complications.

10-03-2013 | Physical rehabilitation | Article

Athletes achieve pre-injury sporting levels after keyhole hip surgery

The majority of athletes are able to return to their chosen sport after hip arthroplasty for femoroacetabular impingement, achieving pre-injury levels of sporting activity.

06-03-2013 | Pain medicine | Article

Taping improves ROM effects of Mulligan’s Mobilisation-with-Movement

Combining the Mulligan’s Mobilisation-with-Movement technique for the shoulder with taping provides a sustained improvement in range of movement for up to a week that is superior to that with Mobilisation-with-Movement alone, researchers report.

06-03-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

Aerobic fitness improves academic performance in school children

Aerobic fitness significantly predicts academic performance in school age children and adolescents independently of body mass index and socioeconomic status, show study findings.

03-03-2013 | Neurology | Article

Even mild sports-related head impacts can affect cognition

Results from a small study suggest that even a sport-related head impact that does not cause obvious injury, such as “heading” a ball in football or soccer, may result in impaired cognition.

24-02-2013 | Physical rehabilitation | Article

Multi-dimensional physical activity assessment recommended

Research suggests that assessment of physical activity level should evaluate a person’s overall level of moderate or vigorous activity as well as their amount of sedentary time to get an accurate estimate.

20-02-2013 | Sports medicine | Article

Recommendations for metabolic health may need changing

One hour of physical exercise daily is not enough to compensate for the negative effects of inactivity on insulin sensitivity and plasma lipids if the rest of the day is spent sitting, show study findings.

17-02-2013 | Sports medicine | Article

Dance-related injuries in young people on the increase

Findings spanning 17 years suggest that dance-related injuries in children and adolescents in the USA have increased by 37% over this time.

11-02-2013 | Physical rehabilitation | Article

Piroxicam ultrasound combination optimal for knee osteoarthritis

Phonophoresis of the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug piroxicam with ultrasound is more effective than ultrasound alone for improving pain and other symptoms of mild-to-moderate knee osteoarthritis, show study findings.

10-02-2013 | Cardiometabolic | Article

Short but frequent exercise best for beating weight gain

Results from a small exploratory study suggest that short bouts of intermittent exercise may stimulate fat metabolism more effectively than longer continuous exercise sessions.

05-02-2013 | Physical rehabilitation | Article

Steroid injections not advisable for tennis elbow

Results from a placebo-controlled trial show that patients given corticosteroid injections for treatment of unilateral lateral epicondylalgia, or tennis elbow, have a worse outcome after 1 year than those treated with placebo.