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07-11-2018 | Public health | Main feed | News

HCPs reluctant to recommend e-cigarettes as quitting aid for cancer patients

Around a third of UK healthcare professionals would not recommend e-cigarettes to patients with cancer who are looking to quit smoking, indicates a survey-based study presented at the 2018 NCRI Conference in Glasgow, UK.


07-03-2017 | Public health | Highlight | Article

Diet associated with ‘substantial proportion’ of cardiometabolic deaths

Research published in JAMA suggests that suboptimal intake of specific dietary factors is associated with almost half of deaths from heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes in the USA.

23-02-2017 | Cardiology | News | Article

Mediterranean diet may improve HDL atheroprotective functions

Adherence to a traditional Mediterranean diet could improve the atheroprotective functions of high-density lipoprotein among people with high cardiovascular risk, results from a substudy of the PREDIMED trial suggest.

World map_bar chart

11-01-2017 | Hypertension | News | Article

Global increase in elevated systolic blood pressure and associated deaths

The number of people with elevated systolic blood pressure and the number of associated deaths have “increased substantially” in the past 25 years, results from the Global Burden of Disease, Injuries, and Risk Factors 2015 study suggest.

02-12-2016 | Cardiology | News | Article

STEMI risk eight times higher among younger smokers

Smoking is associated with an eightfold increase in the risk of ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction among people younger than 50 years of age, researchers report.

25-11-2016 | Cardiology | News | Article

Heart disease risk similar for individual saturated fatty acids

Dietary intake of saturated fatty acids is associated with increased risk for coronary heart disease, with individual fatty acids making a similar contribution to risk, according to the results of two large cohort studies.

18-11-2016 | Hypertension | News | Article

Substantial burden of high blood pressure in low- and middle-income countries

The number of people living with high blood pressure has almost doubled worldwide over the past 4 decades, with the biggest rise in low- and middle-income countries, according to an analysis of data from 19.1 million people.

29-10-2014 | Paediatrics | Article

Hypocalcaemic seizure surveillance highlights UK public health policy failings

The occurrence of 91 confirmed or probable hypocalcaemic seizures in children with vitamin D deficiency over a 2-year period in the UK highlights a failure to promote appropriate supplementation.

29-09-2014 | Paediatrics | Article

Recommendations for nutritional rickets announced

New consensus recommendations for the management of nutritional rickets include universal vitamin D supplementation during the first year of life.

20-06-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

Quantitative over qualitative for preschool caries assessment

An algorithm-based quantitative approach is the best means of caries risk assessment in preschool children, suggests research published in the Journal of Clinical Dentistry.

05-05-2013 | Prostate cancer | Article

Active surveillance encouraged for very-low-risk prostate cancer in under 55s

A study of US servicemen shows that, despite being eligible for active surveillance, the overwhelming majority of young men diagnosed with very-low-risk prostate cancer opt for immediate treatment.

28-04-2013 | Surgery | Article

Continuous monitoring flags acute compartment syndrome

Continuous intracompartmental pressure monitoring is highly accurate for the detection of acute compartment syndrome after tibial diaphyseal fracture, say UK researchers who believe it may allow diagnosis before signs and symptoms occur.

28-04-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

Educational cartoon boosts worm infection prevention

Researchers in China have found that a health education package targeted at schoolchildren can improve hygiene behaviors and reduce the incidence of soil-transmitted helminth infection.

28-04-2013 | Public health | Article

Dental problems create substantial burden

Over 40 million hours are lost each year due to dental problems and their treatment in the Canadian population, study findings indicate.

25-04-2013 | Pharmacology | Article

Drug alerts have variable impact on prescribing habits

Direct communication with healthcare professionals, in the form of so-called “Dear doctor” letters, can be effective in reducing inappropriate and unsafe use of medicines, Dutch scientists believe.

25-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Mental illness linked to substance use disorder transition

Research shows that there is a strong association between rates of transition from substance use to substance use disorder and the lifetime risk for mental illness, particularly personality and psychotic disorders.

25-04-2013 | Gynaecology | Article

Colombian antenatal HIV testing rates reveal health insurance paradox

The introduction of subsidized health insurance for poor people in Colombia resulted in decreased access to HIV tests in antenatal care, research shows.

23-04-2013 | Cardiology | Article

Arsenic exposure may trigger hypertension

Results from a Chinese study suggest that exposure to arsenic through contaminated drinking water may increase a person’s risk for developing hypertension.

21-04-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to diabetes

Women who are diagnosed with pre-eclampsia or hypertension during pregnancy are at increased risk for developing diabetes, particularly if they experience these conditions alongside gestational diabetes, research shows.

18-04-2013 | Infectious disease | Article

Climate change linked to US Lyme disease spread

Researchers have found that over the past 20 years, the incidence of Lyme disease has increased in the northern-most states of the USA, while declining in more southerly states.