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Psychotic disorders

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15-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Changing placebo response dilutes antipsychotic trial power

Factors including patients’ expectations may underlie an increased placebo response in antipsychotic randomised controlled trials published since 1960, say researchers.

14-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Cardiometabolic health intervention urged for schizophrenia patients

Research shows high cardiometabolic risk, particularly increased dyslipidaemia and smoking, but little related medical treatment in patients with first-episode schizophrenia.

08-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

‘Priming’ may improve schizophrenia patients’ social skills

Study findings suggest that social priming can increase the use of nonverbal social behaviours in patients with schizophrenia.

07-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Complex associations underlie functional variance in schizophrenia

The complex associations between predictors and mediators of real-life functioning highlight the need for integrated and personalised treatment for patients with schizophrenia, say researchers in World Psychiatry.

01-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Dendritic spine density also reduced in bipolar disorder

Patients with bipolar disorder have significant dendritic spine loss in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, postmortem findings show.

01-10-2014 | Mental health | Article

Brain structure changes differ between schizophrenia symptoms

The specific areas of the brain with reduced grey matter in patients with schizophrenia differ according to whether they have predominant positive, negative or disorganised symptoms, research suggests.

30-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

Psychotic disorders confer ‘staggering’ increase in unnatural death risk

Mortality among patients during the first 10 years after first-episode psychosis is marked by a huge increase in the rate of unnatural death relative to the general population, a UK study shows.

24-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

‘Missing’ schizophrenia heritability found

Researchers have matched up single nucleotide polymorphism sets with clinical syndromes to show that previously identified genetic variants can account for nearly all cases of schizophrenia.

23-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

Weight loss possible for mentally ill patients

The STRIDE lifestyle intervention helps individuals taking antipsychotics to lose weight and improve their fasting glucose levels, study findings indicate.

17-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

Resting-state brainwaves altered in schizophrenia

Patients with schizophrenia have increased resting-state gamma-band connectivity in a distinct region of the brain, and the increases correlate with clinical symptoms, research shows.

16-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

Urgency breeds aggression in schizophrenia patients

Increased urgency is a major contributor to aggression in patients with schizophrenia, suggests research published in The American Journal of Psychiatry.

10-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

Reading deficits in schizophrenia contribute to underachievement

People with schizophrenia display severe deficits in reading ability that are not captured in current routine clinical assessments, a study by US researchers indicates.

09-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

Childhood psychiatric disorders linked to schizophrenia risk

Having a childhood psychiatric disorder increases people’s likelihood of being later diagnosed with schizophrenia, research shows.

03-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

OCD diagnosis raises risk of subsequent schizophrenia

Patients who are diagnosed with obsessive–compulsive disorder are at increased risk of developing schizophrenia and schizophrenia spectrum disorders, a longitudinal study reports.

02-09-2014 | Mental health | Article

Electroconvulsive therapy combats treatment-resistant schizophrenia

The use of electroconvulsive therapy improves the chances of a treatment response in patients with continued schizophrenia symptoms despite use of antipsychotic medication, a randomised trial shows.

27-08-2014 | Mental health | Article

Childhood inflammation linked to adult psychosis

Elevated levels of the inflammatory marker interleukin -6 in childhood are associated with an increased risk of psychosis and depression in adulthood, research shows.

26-08-2014 | Mental health | Article

Schizophrenia treatment improved with ACCESS

Patients treated for schizophrenia or bipolar I disorder under the ACCESS model have low levels of service disengagement, high levels of medication adherence and improvements in clinical outcomes, researchers report.

20-08-2014 | Mental health | Article

Fitness-related traits in bipolar disorder relatives may explain disease persistence

Unaffected twins of patients with bipolar disorder show enhanced neurocognitive function and positive temperament traits, research shows.

20-08-2014 | Mental health | Article

Blood test could help gauge psychosis risk

Researchers have developed a multiplex blood assay that may aid the identification of high-risk individuals who will progress to psychosis.

19-08-2014 | Mental health | Article

Metacognitive training benefits accumulate over time for schizophrenia patients

The benefits of metacognitive training to target cognitive biases persist for at least 3 years, with late additional benefits appearing more than 6 months after the intervention, shows research.