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18-05-2017 | Non-small-cell lung cancer | Highlight | Article

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Selumetinib adds no benefit to docetaxel in KRAS-mutant advanced NSCLC

Adding selumetinib to docetaxel does not improve progression-free survival over docetaxel alone in patients with previously treated, advanced, KRAS-mutant non-small-cell lung cancer, phase III trial data show.


JAMA 2017; 317: 1835–1837, 1844–1853

24-05-2017 | Gynaecological cancer | News | Article

Bevacizumab benefits ovarian cancer patients irrespective of timing

Patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer gain significant survival benefit from treatment with bevacizumab, regardless of whether its given with or after chemotherapy, an exploratory analysis of AURELIA study data show.


Ann Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

23-05-2017 | Head and neck cancer | News | Article

Recommendation against routine thyroid cancer screening retained

In a statement published in JAMA, the US Preventive Services Task Force upholds its 1996 recommendation against screening for thyroid cancer among asymptomatic adults.


JAMA 2017; 317: 1840–1841, 1882–1887, 1888–1903, JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2017; Advance online publication, JAMA Surg 2017; Advance online publication

22-05-2017 | Oncology | News | Article

Targeting mitochondrial metabolism shows promise in pancreatic cancer

Researchers report promising results from a phase I trial evaluating CPI-613, which targets mitochondrial metabolism, in combination with modified FOLFIRINOX chemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic pancreatic cancer.


Lancet Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

19-05-2017 | Oncology | News | Article

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Here we report on osteoporosis therapy in breast cancer patients, the feasibility of an alternative formulation of rituximab in follicular lymphoma, the effects of extended use of anamorelin on lung cancer-related cachexia, and the 3-year results of the COMBI-d trial.

Urinary RNA Test Points To Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Measuring RNA expression of two prostate cancer markers identifies which prostate cancer patients have Gleason score 7 or above disease

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