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San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2019

medwireNews was at SABCS 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, bringing you expert interviews on the major trials.

Expert interviews from SABCS 2019

14-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | Residual cancer burden after neoadjuvant therapy predicts breast cancer relapse risk

W Fraser Symmans takes us through their patient-level pooled analysis identifying residual cancer burden as a predictive factor for recurrence across all breast cancer subtypes, and its subsequent potential to inform treatment choice (6:49).

14-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | Neoadjuvant ribociclib plus letrozole promising in high-risk luminal B breast cancer

Joaquín Gavilá highlights the phase 2 SOLTI-1402/CORALLEEN trial findings demonstrating comparable clinical benefit and reduced toxicity of combined neoadjuvant endocrine and CDK 4/6 inhibitor therapy versus chemotherapy in patients with high-risk luminal B breast cancer (2:44).

14-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | Further support for accelerated partial breast irradiation for controlling low-risk breast cancer

Icro Meattini shares long-term findings from their phase 3 trial pitting accelerated partial breast against whole breast irradiation in women with early-stage breast cancer (1:39).

14-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | Oral paclitaxel offers an option beyond IV treatment in metastatic breast cancer

Gerardo Umanzor discusses phase 3 findings showing improved survival and reduced neuropathy with orally administered versus intravenous paclitaxel in patients with metastatic breast cancer (3:12).

13-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | Menopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer risk

Rowan Chlebowski outlines the findings from the Women's Health Initiative trials investigating the effect of oestrogen, either alone or with progestin, on breast cancer risk, and puts them in context of recent opposing data (4:10).

13-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | ctDNA may predict early-stage TNBC recurrence

Milan Radovich shares data suggesting a role for circulating tumour DNA in identifying triple-negative breast cancer patients likely to experience relapse after surgery (2:26).

13-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | No improvement in TNBC pathological complete response with atezolizumab addition

Luca Gianni outlines initial results from the NeoTRIPaPDL1 study of neoadjuvant atezolizumab plus chemotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer, and speculates on the reasons behind the differences with the KEYNOTE-522 findings (3:57).

13-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | KEYNOTE-522 shows pembrolizumab–chemotherapy benefit across subgroups

Peter Schmid presents subgroup analyses from the KEYNOTE-522 trial of neoadjuvant and adjuvant pembrolizumab in patients with early-stage triple-negative breast cancer (4:54).

12-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | HER2CLIMB: Tucatinib shows promise for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer

Rashmi Murthy reports on the HER2CLIMB study pointing to a role for the selective HER2–tyrosine kinase inhibitor tucatinib in the metastatic breast cancer setting (3:12).

11-12-2019 | Breast cancer | Video

SABCS 2019 | Adjuvant trastuzumab emtansine an option for certain early-stage breast cancer patients

Sara Tolaney takes us through the ATEMPT adjuvant therapy trial comparing trastuzumab emtansine with trastuzumab plus paclitaxel in patients with stage I HER2-positive breast cancer (4:01).

ASH 2019: Expert interviews

10-12-2019 | Haematology | Video

ASH 2019 | Four cycles of R-CHOP confirmed as good approach for limited stage DLBCL

Daniel Persky gives the results of the large National Clinical Trials Network S1001 study, confirming the benefits of four cycles of R-CHOP for PET-negative patients with limited stage diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (2:57).

10-12-2019 | Haematology | Video

ASH 2019 | Triple drug combination with daratumumab shows promise in multiple myeloma

Saad Usmani highlights the phase 3 CANDOR trial findings demonstrating the survival benefits of adding daratumumab to carfilzomib and dexamethasone in the treatment of relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma (4:18).

10-12-2019 | Haematology | Video

ASH 2019 | Blinatumomab superior to chemotherapy after first relapse in young ALL patients

Patrick Brown shares his phase 3 trial findings pitting blinatumomab against chemotherapy as post-reinduction therapy prior to allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant in children and young patients with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (4:04).  

Data question ADT omission when using EBRT plus brachytherapy boost


Adding androgen deprivation therapy to external beam radiotherapy may result in better survival than adding a brachytherapy boost in men with intermediate- and high-risk prostate cancer, network meta-analysis data suggest.

PD-1 blockade may not adversely affect COVID-19 outcomes

IV drip

Treatment with PD-1 inhibitors does not appear to worsen the severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection in patients with lung cancer, suggests a single-center analysis.

FAST-Forward data support 1-week adjuvant breast radiotherapy schedule

Woman receiving radiotherapy

A phase 3 trial has demonstrated the noninferiority of two five-fraction adjuvant radiotherapy schedules delivered over a week to the standard 15-fraction schedule given over 3 weeks for early-stage breast cancer with regard to local control.

Support for adding capecitabine to standard adjuvant TNBC chemotherapy

3D breast cancer

Women with triple-negative breast cancer have significantly better outcomes with capecitabine-containing adjuvant chemotherapy than a standard regimen, suggests a phase 3 Chinese trial.

Meta-analysis highlights COVID-19 risk in cancer patients, survivors

Woman with drip and mask

The risk for contracting COVID-19 appears to be higher among cancer patients and survivors than the general population, according to a pooled meta-analysis.

Long noncoding RNA signatures may help predict immunotherapy response

Pipette_rack with samples

Chinese researchers have used a combination of long noncoding RNA signatures and cytotoxic T-lymphocyte tumor infiltration to identify four distinct immune classes that may predict response to cancer immunotherapy.

Early data point to predictors of severe COVID-19 in cancer patients

Patient_oxygen mask

An analysis of cancer patients with comorbid COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, has identified factors associated with an increased risk for a more severe clinical course.

Apixaban supported for treatment of cancer-related VTE

Blood clot_illustration

The direct oral anticoagulant apixaban is noninferior to subcutaneous dalteparin for the treatment of cancer-related venous thromboembolism, without an associated increase in the risk for major bleeding, suggest phase 3 trial results.

Carboplatin–pemetrexed should be ‘a standard option’ for older NSCLC patients

IV drip_patient's hand

Carboplatin–pemetrexed plus pemetrexed maintenance is noninferior to docetaxel for the first-line treatment of advanced non-small-cell lung cancer in patients aged 75 years or older, suggests a phase 3 Japanese study.

ICI-induced inflammatory arthritis visible on MRI

Arthritis_wrist (illustration)

Preliminary data point to the utility of magnetic resonance imaging for the early diagnosis of immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced inflammatory arthritis in cancer patients.

Latest news

30-05-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Adjuvant osimertinib ‘practice changing’ for early-stage EGFR-mutated NSCLC

Patients with stage IB–IIIA non-small-cell lung cancer harboring EGFR mutations derive a significant disease-free survival benefit from adjuvant treatment with osimertinib, shows the phase 3 ADAURA trial.

30-05-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Maintenance avelumab ‘new standard of care’ for advanced urothelial cancer

The JAVELIN Bladder 100 trial has shown a significant improvement in the overall survival of advanced urothelial cancer patients with the addition of avelumab to best supportive care in the maintenance setting.

29-05-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

FDA approves rucaparib, olaparib for mutated metastatic CRPC

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26-05-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Long-term results of delayed intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer reported

A phase 3 trial has failed to demonstrate the noninferiority of delayed targeted intraoperative radiotherapy to whole-breast external beam radiotherapy in terms of local control at 5 years in patients with early-stage breast cancer, but other long-term outcomes were comparable.

Rare RCC Subtypes May Respond To Atezolizumab Plus Bevacizumab

Advanced renal cell carcinoma patients with variant histology or sarcomatoid differentiation may derive a benefit from the combination of atezolizumab and bevacizumab

Read the full story on ESMO's oncologyPRO educational website (for registered ESMO members).

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