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02-02-2016 | Oncology | News Article | Article
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Genetic profiling ‘feasible’ for paediatric cancer patients

Research published in JAMA Oncology demonstrates that tumour and germline molecular profiling is feasible in paediatric cancer patients and can have actionable findings.


JAMA Oncol 2016; Advance online publication

08-02-2016 | Neuro-oncology | News Article | Article

Favourable safety, disease control for proton radiotherapy in paediatric medulloblastoma

Proton radiotherapy has an acceptable safety and disease control profile in paediatric medulloblastoma patients, according to research published in The Lancet Oncology.


Lancet Oncol 2016; Advance online publication

04-02-2016 | Oncology | News Article | Article

Oncofertility complications reviewed for US patients

Three articles published in JAMA Oncology highlight the legal and clinical care issues surrounding fertility preservation in US patients with cancer.


JAMA Oncol 2016; Advance online publication

29-01-2016 | Oncology | News Article | Article
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Overall EU cancer, leukaemia mortality rates to fall in 2016

Total cancer-related mortality rates for men and women in the European Union will decline in 2016, say researchers who predict falls in death rates from most neoplasms, including leukaemia.


Ann Oncol 2016; Advance online publication

27-01-2016 | Oncology | News Article | Article

Sirolimus chemoprevention supported in organ transplant recipients

In solid-organ transplant recipients (OTRs) diagnosed with cancer post-transplant, treatment with sirolimus reduces the risk of developing a subsequent skin cancer, US investigators report in JAMA Dermatology.


JAMA Dermatol 2016; Advance online publication

Chemotherapy Linked To PPM1D Mutations in Ovarian Cancer Patients

Chemotherapy may play a role in the development of somatic mosaic mutations in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of ovarian cancer patients

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