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09-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Casual glucose level linked to CVD risk in absence of diabetes

A random blood glucose test in people without diabetes may provide a good indication of who has an increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease over the subsequent decade, a study suggests.

08-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Anti-IL-21, liraglutide combination may warrant further investigation for early type 1 diabetes

Phase 2 study results suggest that add-on treatment with an anti-IL-21 antibody plus liraglutide could preserve endogenous insulin secretion in people with recent-onset type 1 diabetes.

05-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Teplizumab offers extended preservation of beta-cell function

Prolonged follow-up of high-risk people treated with teplizumab to prevent progression to type 1 diabetes shows a lasting beneficial effect on beta-cell function, say researchers.

04-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Dapagliflozin HF benefits appear in less than a month

Dapagliflozin offers significant protection against worsening heart failure or cardiovascular death within 28 days of initiation, shows further analysis of DAPA-HF.

03-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

STEP 2 shows benefits of higher semaglutide dose in type 2 diabetes

The STEP 2 trial shows that overweight or obese people with type 2 diabetes achieve greater weight loss and larger improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors when given a higher semaglutide dose than is currently approved.

02-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Signs of slowing diabetes incidence in higher-income countries

The incidence of diabetes in high- and middle-income countries may at last be stabilizing, or even in decline, say researchers.

01-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Sulfonylureas, insulin linked to increased hypoglycemia risk in older people with type 2 diabetes

Older individuals with type 2 diabetes and low glycated hemoglobin receiving treatment with a sulfonylurea or insulin have an increased risk for severe hypoglycemia, but there is no clear indication of an increased mortality risk, suggest UK study results.

26-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Hepatoselective glucokinase activator shows early promise in type 1 diabetes

Early findings suggest a novel molecule that selectively targets hepatic glucokinase may improve glucose control and reduce acute complication risk in people with type 1 diabetes.

25-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Community-based depression intervention cost-effective for people with type 2 diabetes

Findings from a modeling study suggest that community-based exercise and cognitive behavioral therapy interventions for depression in people with type 2 diabetes are cost-effective in the long-term.

24-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

STEP 3: Semaglutide boosts weight loss during intensive behavioral therapy

Add-on treatment with subcutaneous semaglutide 2.4 mg produces a marked increase in weight loss for people without diabetes undertaking an intensive lifestyle intervention to combat obesity, report the STEP 3 investigators in JAMA.

23-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Stabilizing IGT for a time has significant long-term vascular benefits

Delaying progression from impaired glucose tolerance to type 2 diabetes reduces the risk for micro- and macrovascular complications, shows 24 years of follow-up of the Da Qing trial.

22-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Antihypertensive effect for canagliflozin in diabetic renal disease

The SGLT2 inhibitor canagliflozin reduces blood pressure and the need for additional antihypertensives in people with type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease, research suggests.

19-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Delay-related behaviors tied to self-care in type 2 diabetes

Placing more value on immediate than delayed rewards is associated with poor self-care among people with type 2 diabetes, a study suggests.

18-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Metformin among factors linked to favorable COVID-19 outcomes

The latest report from the CORONADO study reveals factors predictive of home discharge within 28 days among people with diabetes hospitalized with COVID-19, as well as those linked to mortality risk.

17-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Direct ‘decongestion’ effect shown for empagliflozin in HF

Empagliflozin treatment significantly reduces pulmonary artery blood pressure in patients with heart failure, show findings from the randomized EMBRACE-HF trial.

16-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Liraglutide warrants further investigation in obese people with severe mental illness

Findings from a pilot study suggest that the GLP-1 receptor agonist liraglutide might be beneficial for the management of obesity in people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or first-episode psychosis.

15-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Glycemic fluctuations linked to poor COVID-19 outcomes

Elevated glucose levels and glycemic fluctuations during the first week of hospitalization for COVID-19 are associated with an increased risk for unfavorable outcomes, research suggests.

12-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Normoglycemia after pregnancy may not offset vascular risk of gestational diabetes

Research shows that women who experience gestational diabetes have an increased risk for coronary artery calcification approximately 15 years later, even if they maintain normal glucose levels after their pregnancy.

11-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

STEP 1: Semaglutide promotes substantial weight loss in people without diabetes

Findings of the STEP 1 study show marked weight loss in people with obesity but without type 2 diabetes during over a year of treatment with a high dose of semaglutide.

10-02-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Adding empagliflozin to closed-loop insulin may reduce need for carbohydrate counting

Among people with type 1 diabetes, adding the SGLT2 inhibitor empagliflozin to an automated insulin delivery system may allow replacement of carbohydrate counting with a simple meal announcement, suggest findings from a pilot randomized trial.