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Real-world data support efficacy of SABR for extracranial oligometastases

Man receiving radiotherapy

The beneficial survival outcomes and low toxicity associated with stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy in patients with extracranial oligometastases persist in the real-world setting.


Tender joints may not always signify active inflammatory arthritis

Hands with a painful finger

Among patients with longstanding rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis, having tenderness in non-swollen joints is not significantly associated with the presence of active inflammation as measured by power Doppler ultrasound, researchers report.

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20-01-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

No extra PFS benefit with bevacizumab plus osimertinib in EGFR-mutated NSCLC

Adding bevacizumab to osimertinib therapy does not improve progression-free survival for patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer harboring an EGFR T790M mutation, phase 2 study data suggest.

20-01-2021 | Rheumatology | News | Article

‘Excessive concerns’ about the safety of low-dose glucocorticoids

Rheumatologists and patients with rheumatoid arthritis have concerns about the safety of low-dose glucocorticoids that “greatly exceed” evidence from published data, researchers report.

20-01-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

‘Moderate to low’ quality evidence for diabetes remission with low-carb diets

A systematic review and meta-analysis highlights a potential increase in the likelihood of achieving type 2 diabetes remission on a low- or very-low-carbohydrate diet, but based on evidence of moderate or low quality.

19-01-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

No PFS advantage for palbociclib plus endocrine therapy vs capecitabine

Palbociclib plus endocrine therapy does not improve progression-free survival compared with capecitabine in women with aromatase inhibitor-resistant metastatic breast cancer, results of the phase 3 PEARL study show.

18-01-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Restored brain functions parallel regain of hypoglycemia awareness

Researchers find partial restoration of brain responses to hypoglycemia in people with type 1 diabetes who recover hypoglycemia awareness during a multifactorial intervention.

18-01-2021 | Rheumatology | News | Article

FDA approves belimumab for lupus nephritis

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