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Screening by clinical breast examination feasible for low, middle income countries

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Breast cancer screening by clinical breast examination is a viable approach in low and middle income countries, suggests an Indian cluster randomized controlled trial.


REMAP-CAP, COVACTA trials show mixed results for IL-6 blockade in COVID-19

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Findings from the REMAP-CAP trial indicate that add-on treatment with tocilizumab or sarilumab may be beneficial for critically ill patients with COVID-19, whereas COVACTA suggests comparable outcomes with tocilizumab versus placebo in those with severe COVID-19 pneumonia.

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04-03-2021 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Telephone CBT for insomnia possible option for patients with osteoarthritis

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia could be delivered via the telephone to patients with osteoarthritis, proving useful for those unable to access in-person options, OATS trial findings suggest.

04-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Dapagliflozin HF benefits appear in less than a month

Dapagliflozin offers significant protection against worsening heart failure or cardiovascular death within 28 days of initiation, shows further analysis of DAPA-HF.

03-03-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

STEP 2 shows benefits of higher semaglutide dose in type 2 diabetes

The STEP 2 trial shows that overweight or obese people with type 2 diabetes achieve greater weight loss and larger improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors when given a higher semaglutide dose than is currently approved.

03-03-2021 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Secondary CVD prevention ‘should be priority’ after myocardial infarction in RA patients

Following myocardial infarction, people with rheumatoid arthritis have an elevated long-term risk for mortality and further cardiovascular disease events, researchers report.

02-03-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Cabozantinib–nivolumab receives EMA positive opinion for advanced RCC

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02-03-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

FDA approves cemiplimab for high PD-L1-expressing NSCLC

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