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17-03-2011 | Psoriasis | Article

Increased risk for acute MI in Asian psoriasis patients


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MedWire News: Asian patients with psoriasis may have an increased risk for acute myocardial infarction (MI), report Taiwanese researchers.

During a 5-year population-based study, the risk for acute MI among individuals with psoriasis was double that for individuals without the condition.

"This association was independent of any pre-existing hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, or demographic factors," say Herng-Ching Lin (Taipei Medical University) and colleagues.

While previous studies have highlighted a link between psoriasis and increased morbidity and mortality, particularly from cardiovascular disease, there are few studies involving Asian populations, write Lin et al in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The team used the Taiwanese Longitudinal Health Insurance Database 2005 to evaluate the association between first psoriasis diagnosis and the risk for acute MI during the subsequent 5 years.

In all, 4752 patients (study cohort) with psoriasis were age- and gender-matched to 23,760 randomly selected individuals without the condition (comparison cohort; five for every patient in the study cohort).

A total of 70 acute MIs were recorded during the 5-year period, of which 22 (0.5%) were experienced by psoriasis patients, and 48 (0.2%) were experienced by patients in the comparison cohort.

Crude analysis revealed a significant 2.3-fold increase in risk for acute MI among the psoriasis patients compared with the comparison cohort, and after adjustment for potentially confounding factors, this increase remained significant, with a hazard ratio of 2.1.

"Psoriasis has a profoundly negative impact on patients' physical, social, and financial quality of life, including increased incidences of depression, poor self-image, and lack of self-confidence," write Lin and co-workers.

They conclude with their suggestion that patients be made aware of the increased risk for acute MI, and that "routine follow-up examinations [including cardiovascular monitoring] should be carried out for at least several years after patients have a first ambulatory care visit for the treatment of psoriasis."

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By Sarah Guy

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