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25-10-2016 | Parkinson's disease | News | Article

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Inhaled levodopa may relieve ‘off’ motor symptoms

medwireNews: CVT-301, an inhaled powdered form of levodopa, may help relieve “off” motor fluctuations that occur between doses of standard oral levodopa, phase II findings indicate.

CVT-301 at a dose of 50 mg was rapidly absorbed in 24 patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) who experienced at least 2 hours per day of OFF time despite taking oral carbidopa/levodopa (25 mg/100 mg) four times a day.

Within 10 minutes of taking CVT-301, during an off episode and 4 hours after their normal levodopa dose, 77% of the patients had plasma levodopa levels exceeding 400 ng/mL. This compared with just 27% within 10 minutes of taking placebo, Michael Lipp (Acorda Therapeutics, Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA) and colleagues report in Science Translational Medicine.

CVT-301 was also associated with significant improvements in motor function for timed finger tapping and total score on Part III of the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale. Improvements were seen at the earliest post-dose assessment points of 5 and 15 minutes for each measure and lasted for 90 to 100 minutes.

Mild-to-moderate cough at the time of inhalation was the most common side effect, but this resolved rapidly and became less frequent after initial dosing.

The researchers say that “the study’s results support further investigation of inhaled levodopa as a potential means of addressing the unmet need for an easily administered, reliable, rapid intervention for OFF episodes in PD.”

By Lucy Piper

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