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08-09-2021 | Diabetes | News | Article

Linear insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio may not fit all meal requirements

Using a linear insulin to carbohydrate ratio to determine breakfast insulin requirements leads to significant differences in time in glycemic range and hypoglycemia rates when meal carbohydrate quantities vary, shows a study in children and young adults.

Novel ‘BDV syndrome’ has considerable clinical overlap with PWS

Harmonised BMD surveillance guidance for young cancer survivors released

Genetic testing can contribute to clinical diagnosis of delayed puberty

Long-acting growth hormone prodrug ‘superior’ to daily somatropin

Childhood obesity linked to decreased penile length in puberty

Type 1 diabetes risk alleles linked to late-infancy growth

Growth hormone insensitivity encompasses wide range of clinical entities

Updated congenital adrenal hyperplasia strategy reduces false-positive screening rate

Cardiological tests indicated in melanocortin pathway mutations linked to reduced cardiac mass

Hydrocortisone overdosing remains common in children with CAH

Bodyweight link to androgen production in prepubertal children confirmed

Scoliosis risk in PWS independent of growth hormone treatment

MRI screening ‘most efficient approach’ for CNS lesions in girls with central precocious puberty

Polygenic risk score rivals mid-parental height for predicting adult short stature

Knowledge gaps make teens with endocrine disorders unready for transition to adult clinic

Favourable outcomes possible for autosomal recessive pseudohypoaldosteronism type 1

Increased cardiometabolic risk appears from childhood in CAH patients

Endocrinopathy risk highlighted among childhood brain tumour survivors

Collagenopathy may underlie some familial short stature cases without clear dysplasia