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03-05-2018 | HBV | News | Article

End of treatment HBsAg levels may predict HBV relapse

Hepatitis B surface antigen levels at the end of treatment or prophylaxis with nucleos(t)ide analog inhibitors could be a useful indicator of hepatitis B virus relapse, suggest two Taiwanese studies.

03-05-2018 | HBV | News | Article

‘Excellent’ survival with long-term TDF, entecavir treatment of chronic HBV

Caucasian patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection who receive long-term therapy with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate or entecavir have “excellent” survival, which is comparable to that of the general population, say researchers.

01-02-2018 | HBV | News | Article

ACP, CDC issue HBV vaccination, screening best practice advice

The American College of Physicians and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released best practice guidance for hepatitis B virus vaccination, screening, and linkage to care.


12-03-2018 | Asthma | News | Article

Exacerbation frequency linked to lung function decline in severe eosinophilic asthma

Repeated exacerbations in patients with severe eosinophilic asthma may be associated with accelerated deterioration of lung function, study findings show.

13-02-2018 | Asthma | News | Article

Initiation criteria for mepolizumab sufficient for determining long-term benefit

Researchers have been unable to find a reliable rule for identifying patients who are likely to benefit from continued long-term mepolizumab treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma.

16-01-2018 | Asthma | News | Article

Allergic airway inflammation stimulates a dynamic ILC2 phenotype

Researchers have found that the group 2 innate lymphoid cell phenotype is more heterogeneous than previously thought, with a surface marker and gene expression profile that is highly dynamic.


19-06-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Depression and anxiety closely linked to RA disease activity

medwireNews: Depression and anxiety are significant comorbidities in early rheumatoid arthritis and levels change in line with disease activity, shows research.

18-06-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Synovial gene signatures associated with later RA onset

Researchers have found molecular changes appearing in the synovial tissue that precede rheumatoid arthritis development and may tell us more about the pathogenesis of the disease and treatment targets.

18-06-2018 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Low rates of radiographic progression with secukinumab treatment in PsA patients

Secukinumab-treated patients with psoriatic arthritis have low rates of radiographic progression irrespective of prior treatment with tumor necrosis factor inhibitors or concomitant methotrexate use, suggests a subgroup analysis of the FUTURE 5 trial.

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