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Intravitreal injection linked to substantial temporary blood pressure increase


Patients undergoing intravitreal injections with anti–vascular endothelial growth factor agents can experience substantial transient increases in systolic blood pressure, Swiss researchers report.

14-02-2019 | Ophthalmology | News | Article

Lamina cribrosa defects linked to accelerated retinal nerve fibre layer thinning

Retinal nerve fibre layer thinning progresses faster in eyes with lamina cribrosa defects than it does in eyes without such defects, shows an analysis of patients enrolled in the Diagnostic Innovations in Glaucoma Study.

07-02-2019 | Ophthalmology | News | Article

Autologous retinal transplant successfully closes refractory macular holes

Autologous neurosensory retinal transplantation results in the closure of full thickness macular holes in the vast majority of patients for whom previous surgery has failed, study findings indicate.

31-01-2019 | Ophthalmology | News | Article

Choroidal thinning plays ‘key role’ in progression of myopic maculopathy

Progressive choroidal thinning, as measured by swept-source optical coherence tomography “plays a key role” in the evolution of myopic maculopathy in patients with high myopia, say researchers.

24-01-2019 | Ophthalmology | News | Article

CANTREAT bolsters evidence for treat-and-extend ranibizumab regimen in nAMD

Results of the randomised CANTREAT trial add to increasing evidence that a treat-and-extend ranibizumab regimen results in similar visual outcomes, with fewer injections, than monthly treatment for neovascular age-related macular degeneration.

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