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19-07-2019 | Oncology | News | Article


NCCN releases guidance for bladder cancer patients

medwireNews: The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) has issued patient-oriented guidelines to help individuals with bladder cancer better understand and manage their condition.

The guidance covers topics ranging from the basics – including an explanation of the urinary system, the types of bladder cancer, and how it is diagnosed and treated – to more in-depth information about the treatment options and what patients can expect through the course of therapy.

The information is based on the corresponding NCCN guidelines for physicians, but is presented in easy to understand language, and the document also includes a supporting glossary. There is also a section on questions that patients should ask their physicians.

The guidelines were developed by a multidisciplinary panel of 33 experts from 28 NCCN institutions, and the online version can be accessed free of charge.

Speaking to medwireNews, panel chair Thomas Flaig (University of Colorado Cancer Center, Aurora, USA) noted that “bladder cancer is a very common cancer and we want to make sure that patients have access to this material.”

By Shreeya Nanda

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