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13-07-2016 | Oncology | News | Article

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Multiple factors may underlie cancer–diabetes connection

medwireNews: Canadian research suggests the elevated risk of cancer in patients with diabetes is partly due to detection bias caused by increased healthcare contact.

The study showed that among 516,219 patients with diabetes identified from the Ontario Diabetes Database versus an equal number of matched nondiabetic controls, the increased cancer risk after diabetes diagnosis was limited to the first 3 months, at a hazard ratio of 1.62.

However, the team also found that individuals who did versus did not develop diabetes were a significant 1.23 times more likely to have a cancer diagnosis in the 10 years preceding the diabetes diagnosis, indicating that shared risk factors, such as insulin resistance and hyperinsulinaemia, may also underlie the association.

“Although further research is needed to confirm these findings, enhanced cancer screening and cancer prevention strategies in patients with and at risk of developing diabetes may be warranted”, Iliana Lega (University of Toronto, Ontario) and co-authors conclude in Cancer.

By Shreeya Nanda

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