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17-07-2017 | Melanoma | Highlight | Article

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Mid-spectrum melanoma diagnoses have low reproducibility, accuracy

A study of US pathologists highlights the difficulties of diagnosing melanocytic skin lesions, finding low levels of intra- and interobserver reproducibility and accuracy in diagnoses ranging from moderately dysplastic nevi to early-stage invasive melanoma.


BMJ 2017; 357: j2813

21-07-2017 | Non-small-cell lung cancer | News | Article

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Hair repigmentation points to NSCLC immunotherapy response

Spanish researchers who observed hair repigmentation among patients with non-small-cell lung cancer who responded to immunotherapeutic drugs against programmed cell death protein 1 and its ligand believe that the side effect could serve as a potential marker of response.

20-07-2017 | Oncology | News | Article

Rare cancer rates measured in Europe

Nearly a quarter of all cancers diagnosed in the European Union between 2000 and 2007 were classed as rare, according to updated epidemiologic information from the Information Network on Rare Cancers.


Lancet Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

19-07-2017 | Breast cancer | News | Article

Genetic test identifies ultralow-risk breast cancers

The 70-gene MammaPrint assay can identify women who have an ultralow risk for death from breast cancer in the long term, potentially allowing their physicians to choose less aggressive treatment, say researchers.


JAMA Oncol 2017; Advance online publication

18-07-2017 | Prostate cancer | News | Article

PIVOT: No survival benefit with surgery over observation in localized prostate cancer

All-cause and prostate cancer-specific mortality rates remain comparable over nearly 2 decades of follow-up among men with early prostate cancer regardless of whether they undergo radical prostatectomy or observation, the PIVOT trial shows.


N Engl J Med 2017; 377: 132–142

Biomarkers Predict HNSCC Patients Likely To Benefit From Afatinib Over Methotrexate

Analysis of the phase III LUX-Head & Neck 1 trial identifies biomarkers that predict better progression-free survival with afatinib than methotrexate

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