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EAN 2019

medwireNews was at the 5th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology in Oslo, Norway, bringing you expert interviews

Expert interviews from EAN 2019

02-07-2019 | Parkinson's disease | Video

EAN 2019: Grey matter volume increased in GBA mutation carriers prior to parkinsonian onset

Tayyabah Yousaf reports on findings that glucocerebrosidase gene mutations are associated with structural cerebral abnormalities even in the absence of clinical manifestations of Parkinson’s disease (2:38).

02-07-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

EAN 2019: Cortical abnormalities contribute to cognitive impairment in paediatric MS

Ermelinda De Meo outlines research suggesting multiple sclerosis in young patients not only has an impact on grey matter degeneration, but also cortical development trajectories (1:26).

02-07-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

EAN 2019: Ozanimod protects against brain volume loss in relapsing MS

Giancarlo Comi comments on the SUNBEAM and RADIANCE trial findings looking at the effects of ozanimod versus interferon beta-1α on brain volume loss in relapsing multiple sclerosis (1:50).

02-07-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

EAN 2019: Thalamus is key barometer of neuronal pathology in paediatric MS

Ermelinda De Meo shares her research findings suggesting thalamic damage is determined by heterogeneous pathological processes in young patients with multiple sclerosis (2:15).

02-07-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

EAN 2019: Alemtuzumab efficacy sustained long-term in relapsing─remitting MS

Giancarlo Comi discusses the outcomes of the TOPAZ study showing sustained efficacy of alemtuzumab on clinical and magnetic resonance imaging outcomes through 8 years in patients with relapsing─remitting multiple sclerosis (1:56).

01-07-2019 | Parkinson's disease | Video

EAN 2019: Semantic fluency impairment may predict Parkinson’s disease dementia

Oliver Cousins summarizes his research highlighting semantic fluency impairment and underlying amygdala atrophy as predictive factors of cognitive decline in patients with Parkinson’s disease (3:58).

01-07-2019 | Alzheimer's disease | Video

EAN 2019: Patients with Alzheimer’s disease can benefit from statins

Sara Garcia-Ptacek summarizes findings suggesting that an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis should not necessarily prevent individuals from receiving statins (2:29).

30-06-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

EAN2019: Reductions in 48-week confirmed MS disability progression sustained with ocrelizumab

Gavin Giovannoni provides his thoughts on ocrelizumab’s sustained effect on disability progression risk reduction in multiple sclerosis patients based on a 5-year follow-up of pooled data from the OPERA I and II trials (4:19).

01-07-2019 | Neurology | Video

EAN 2019: Autoimmune encephalitis can mimic dementia syndromes

Danielle Bastiaansen outlines the red flags to identifying automimmune encephalitis to prevent misdiagnosis of dementia syndromes (5:44).

30-06-2019 | Alzheimer's disease | Video

CSF alpha-synuclein discriminates Alzheimer’s disease from Lewy body dementia

José Antonio Monge-Argilés describes his study showing how alpha-synuclein levels can improve early differential diagnosis between progressive dementia types (3:13).

30-06-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

EAN 2019: Increased cancer risk in patients with multiple sclerosis

Nina Grytten discusses research suggesting a need for increased awareness of cancer risk in patients with multiple sclerosis to improve outcomes and survival (2:46).

02-05-2019 | Rheumatology | News | Article

Multifactorial nature of cognitive dysfunction highlighted in SLE

Poor attenuation of the default mode network regions of the brain may contribute to cognitive impairments in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, say UK researchers.

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