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Mental health

Mental health

03-08-2015 | ADHD | News | Article

Drug treatment mitigates injury risk in ADHD children

Study findings show the importance of pharmacological treatment for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in ameliorating the increased risk of injuries associated with the condition.

01-07-2015 | Bipolar disorder | News | Article

Comorbid anxiety ‘a crucial target’ for treatment in bipolar disorder

Almost half of patients with bipolar disorder will have comorbid anxiety disorder in their lifetime, show the findings of a systematic review and meta-analysis.

28-05-2015 | Mental health | News | Article

Adult ADHD could be distinct condition

Longitudinal analysis of a birth cohort raises the possibility that attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and in adults may be distinct and unrelated disorders.

26-05-2015 | Bipolar disorder | News | Article

Emotion regulation distinguishes unipolar and bipolar depression

Patients with bipolar disorder regulate their emotions differently from those with major depressive disorder in both depressed and remitted states, a study shows.

26-05-2015 | Bipolar disorder | News | Article

Manic symptoms during depression warn of polarity switch

Concomitant manic symptoms and panic attacks are the strongest predictors of an impending switch to mania among patients with bipolar disorder who are currently depressed, shows analysis of the STEP-BD study.

26-05-2015 | Bipolar disorder | News | Article

Addiction history indicates bipolar conversion risk from precursor disorders

Substance use and the presence of subthreshold affective symptoms may predict future bipolar disorder in young people with precursor conditions such as depression, research suggests.

08-05-2015 | ADHD | News | Article

Genes influence ADHD course

A large twin study shows that genetics have a major influence on whether attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms decrease or persist as children grow older.