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medwireNews editorial policies and values

The Team
We are a professional team of dedicated, experienced news writers with strong scientific backgrounds and a solid grounding in delivering medical news.

We are committed to bringing authoritative, relevant and independent medical news to physicians and clinicians to keep them informed of advances in their specialist areas, ultimately helping to improve patient care.

We provide:
A time-saving resource
We identify all key developments by sourcing high-quality, clinically relevant and impactful research from the major peer-reviewed journals, conferences and governing bodies.

A balanced view, free of hype
We write factual news stories with no agenda or bias, so our stories reflect the opinions of the researchers or independent experts rather than our own.

News with context
We report the results of the research, why it is important and its impact on clinical practice.

Timely coverage
We recognise the importance of reporting trial findings as they publish.

We value:
We cover strong, credible research studies published in peer-reviewed journals and report a balanced view of the authors’ findings.

We uphold the need for honesty and transparency in our news, giving our readers the facts as they have been reported.

We report fair and impartial news that is free of obligation and not driven by company press releases or agendas.