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30-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Salvage nivolumab–ipilimumab shows potential for some metastatic RCC patients

The combination of nivolumab and ipilimumab demonstrates antitumor activity and acceptable toxicity in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma previously exposed to PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitors, say the authors of a chart review.

29-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Entrectinib receives positive decision from EMA

More details about the announcement are a click away

26-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

First-line stereotactic radiosurgery an option for brain metastases in SCLC

Patients with small-cell lung cancer and brain metastases may benefit from first-line treatment with stereotactic radiosurgery, suggest findings from the FIRE-SCLC study.

26-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Lung cancer patient-specific factors ‘greatest determinants’ of COVID-19 severity

The burden of severe COVID-19 tends to be high in people with lung cancer, with patient-specific factors having the greatest impact on severity, indicates a chart review from a single center.

25-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

On-target TRK inhibitor safety profile highlighted

TRK inhibitor therapy has a “unique” profile of adverse events, suggests a review of lung cancer and other oncology patients attending the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA.

25-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Switch maintenance pembrolizumab improves metastatic UC outcomes

Switch maintenance pembrolizumab prolongs progression-free survival versus placebo in patients with metastatic urothelial cancer who have achieved at least stable disease with first-line platinum-based chemotherapy, phase 2 study data show.

24-06-2020 | Oncology | Highlight | Article

Mental distress high among breast cancer patients during COVID-19 peak

Women with breast cancer had higher than normal levels of severe anxiety, depression, distress, and insomnia at the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak in the Hubei Province in China, study findings indicate.

24-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Antiandrogen therapy boosts nonmetastatic CRPC survival

Adding an androgen receptor inhibitor to androgen deprivation therapy significantly improves the overall survival of men with nonmetastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, according to results from three trials.

23-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

First-line pembrolizumab–chemotherapy prolongs PFS in extensive-stage SCLC

Patients with extensive-stage small-cell lung cancer derive a progression-free survival benefit from first-line treatment with pembrolizumab plus chemotherapy, show phase 3 KEYNOTE-604 trial findings.

22-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Alpelisib positive opinion adopted for advanced PIK3CA-mutated breast cancer

Find out about this EMA decision here

22-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Low-dose erlotinib ‘a valid treatment option’ for older, frail NSCLC patients

A phase 2 trial suggests that low-dose erlotinib has clinical activity and a favorable safety profile among older and frail non-small-cell lung cancer patients with EGFR activating mutations.

19-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Pembrolizumab approved for advanced TMB-H solid tumors

Read more on this US FDA decision here

18-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Ramucirumab–gemcitabine encouraging in second-line malignant pleural mesothelioma

Adding ramucirumab to gemcitabine may significantly improve survival outcomes for patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma who have progressed on first-line platinum–pemetrexed regimens, suggest findings from the phase 2 RAMES study presented at the virtual 2020 ASCO Annual Meeting.

17-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Lurbinectedin approved for US metastatic SCLC patients

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17-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Immunotherapy de-escalation in advanced RCC not feasible yet

Results from two studies presented at the virtual 2020 ASCO Annual Meeting suggest that the strategy of using single-agent nivolumab followed by response-adaptive or salvage add-on ipilimumab cannot be recommended for patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma.

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16-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

FRACTION-RCC suggests nivolumab–ipilimumab benefit for some ICI-treated RCC patients

Initial results from the Fast Real-Time Assessment of Combination Therapies in Immuno-Oncology trial suggest that some patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma may benefit from nivolumab plus ipilimumab after immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

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15-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Brigatinib indication expanded in USA

Click through for more information about this FDA decision

12-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

RCC studies identify biomarkers of PD-1 inhibitor outcomes

Analyses of the CheckMate 025 and KEYNOTE-427 trials of nivolumab and pembrolizumab, respectively, have identified biomarkers associated with response to the individual agents in patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma.

This independent news story was supported by an educational grant from Pfizer and Merck KGa

12-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

PHOEBE shows PFS boost with pyrotinib in HER2-positive breast cancer

Combining pyrotinib instead of lapatinib with capecitabine is associated with significantly improved progression-free survival in patients who have received prior treatment for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer, show phase 3 trial data.

12-06-2020 | Oncology | News | Article

Second-line lenvatinib–pembrolizumab shows promise for metastatic ccRCC

Research suggests that patients with metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma with disease progression after immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy may benefit from the combination of lenvatinib and pembrolizumab.

This independent news story was supported by an educational grant from Pfizer and Merck KGa

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