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Latest neurology news

06-09-2018 | Alzheimer's disease | News | Article

Biomarkers identified for diagnosing AD in patients with Down syndrome

Plasma neurofilament light protein concentrations and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers are effective for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease in patients with Down syndrome, say researchers.

30-08-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | News | Article

Ibudilast slows brain shrinkage in progressive multiple sclerosis patients

Ibudilast may slow brain atrophy in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis, show findings from a phase II study.

23-08-2018 | Neurology | News | Article

Novel MS subtype suggests neurodegeneration and demyelination occur independently

Researchers have discovered a new subtype of multiple sclerosis that features neuronal loss but not demyelination of the brain’s white matter.

16-08-2018 | Neurology | News | Article

Recognising the risk of increased suicide following TBI

Findings from a large registry-based study support an increased risk of suicide following traumatic brain injury.

09-08-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | News | Article

Lower risk of disability progression in primary progressive versus progressive-relapsing MS

Superimposed relapses are associated with a lower risk of confirmed disability progression among individuals with progressive-onset multiple sclerosis, suggest the results of an observational cohort study published in JAMA Neurology.

03-08-2018 | Parkinson's disease | News | Article

Apomorphine infusion reduces ‘off time’ in patients with Parkinson’s disease

Subcutaneous apomorphine infusion meaningfully reduces the time in which a patient’s medication is not working optimally and parkinsonian symptoms return, reports the placebo-controlled, multicentre TOLEDO trial.

27-07-2018 | Parkinson's disease | News | Article

Occipital GABA levels reduced in Parkinson’s patients with visual hallucinations

Reduced levels of γ-aminobutyric acid in the primary visual cortex are linked to visual hallucinations in patients with Parkinson’s disease, study findings indicate.

24-11-2017 | Neuro-oncology | News | Article

Long-term neurocognitive problems a concern for head and neck cancer survivors

Head and neck cancer survivors are at risk for delayed neurocognitive deficits for at least 2 years after radiotherapy or chemotherapy, according to a prospective longitudinal study.

21-11-2017 | Neuro-oncology | News | Article

Bevacizumab add-on fails to improve glioblastoma OS with lomustine

Adding bevacizumab to lomustine does not prolong overall survival compared with lomustine alone in patients with progressive glioblastoma, but may delay disease progression, show phase III study data.

20-09-2017 | Oncology | News | Article

Cancer vigilance may be warranted for stroke survivors

Survivors of ischemic stroke are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than the general population, a chart review suggests.

21-03-2017 | Neuro-oncology | News | Article

Temozolomide improves short-course radiotherapy outcome in glioblastoma

Adding temozolomide to short-course radiotherapy significantly increases overall and progression-free survival in elderly patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma, phase III trial data show.

08-03-2017 | Migraine | News | Article

Migraine linked to spontaneous cervical artery dissection

IPSYS investigators have found a significant association between migraine and cervical artery dissection, identifying it as a potential biomarker.

07-03-2017 | Neuro-oncology | News | Article

Busulfan and melphalan ‘benchmark’ for neuroblastoma chemotherapy

Busulfan and melphalan significantly improve event-free survival over carboplatin, etoposide, and melphalan in children with high-risk neuroblastoma, with fewer severe adverse events, phase III clinical trial data show.

02-03-2017 | Stroke | News | Article

Stroke phenotype may aid antiplatelet treatment choice in ischemic stroke patients

Patients with ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack of atherosclerotic origin may gain more benefit from taking ticagrelor than aspirin, study findings in The Lancet Neurology indicate.

22-02-2017 | Neurology | Main feed | Article

Selective sodium channel blocking shows promise in trigeminal neuralgia

Phase II study findings provide a basis for further investigation of a Nav1.7 selective sodium channel blocker in trigeminal neuralgia.

16-02-2017 | Stroke | News | Article

Arterial spin labeling detects post-stroke collateral blood vessels to aid prognosis

 Collateral blood vessels detected on arterial spin labeling magnetic resonance imaging are significantly associated with good neurologic outcomes in patients after acute ischemic stroke.

15-02-2017 | Parkinson's disease | Main feed | Article

Blood-based NfL differentiates PD and parkinsonian disorders

A simple blood test for neurofilament light chain protein could help physicians distinguish atypical parkinsonian disorders from Parkinson’s disease, study findings show.

14-02-2017 | Multiple sclerosis | News | Article

Alemtuzumab compares favorably with other potent immunotherapies for MS

Researchers suggest that alemtuzumab is comparable to natalizumab for controlling multiple sclerosis activity and superior to fingolimod and interferon beta.

08-02-2017 | Stroke | Highlight | Article

Prolonged ECG monitoring improves post-stroke atrial fibrillation detection

Research suggests that all patients aged 60 years or older who have had a stroke, irrespective of the suspected cause, could benefit from enhanced and prolonged monitoring for atrial fibrillation.

07-02-2017 | Multiple sclerosis | News | Article

Immunosuppression and stem cell transplants achieve sustained MS remission

High-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation can induce long-term remission for patients with relapsing–remitting multiple sclerosis, show findings from the HALT-MS trial.

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