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14-07-2014 | Cardiology | Article

PAH disease burden ‘significant’

Patients with newly diagnosed pulmonary arterial hypertension have a substantial burden of disease, with more than half hospitalised during the first 3 years post-diagnosis, research shows.

13-07-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Healthy lifestyle helps hard-to-treat hypertensive patients

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prevent cardiovascular events even among patients with apparent treatment-resistant hypertension, say researchers.

10-07-2014 | Cardiology | Article

CHEST guideline released for PAH

An updated CHEST guideline for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension provides some evidence-based recommendations but also highlights many evidence gaps.

10-07-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Novel oxygen uptake parameter aids idiopathic PAH evaluation

Oxygen uptake efficiency plateau, measured during the cardiopulmonary exercise test, offers a novel method for evaluating gas exchange abnormalities in patients with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, Chinese researchers report.

06-07-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Night-time BP variability improves vascular risk prediction

Measuring night-time variability in the blood pressure of patients with hypertension may help to predict their risk of having a cardiovascular event, show data from an international study.

29-06-2014 | Metabolism | Article

Causal role proposed for vitamin D in blood pressure

The results of a mendelian randomisation analysis suggest a causal link between low levels of vitamin D and increased blood pressure.

22-06-2014 | Hypertension | Article

Functional status informs blood pressure risks in elderly

The functional status of elderly people modifies the association between their blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk, a study shows.

15-06-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Ambulatory blood pressure risk is age dependent

The risk associated with raised ambulatory blood pressure is modified by a patient’s age, research shows.

10-06-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Haemodynamic exercise variables 'important' for PAH prognostication

Exercise haemodynamic variables, measured shortly after diagnosis, correlate with exercise capacity and predict survival in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension, study findings indicate.

09-06-2014 | Cardiology | Article

‘Real-world’ ambrisentan data unveiled

The use of and outcomes with ambrisentan in clinical practice are different to those in clinical trials, reflecting different patient characteristics in the “real world”, say researchers.

08-06-2014 | Cardiology | Article

BP history affects late-life brain pathology

The relationship between late-life blood pressure and damage to the brain is modified by midlife hypertension history, research shows.

05-06-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Prevalence of pulmonary arterial hypertension characterised in CHD patients

Pulmonary arterial hypertension affects just over 3% of individuals with congenital heart disease, reveal nationwide data from the Netherlands.

01-06-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Blood pressure has heterogeneous associations with cardiovascular diseases

The associations between blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are variable, reveals a large study that highlights the impact of angina and heart failure.

25-05-2014 | Cardiology | Article

JNC 8 blood pressure target for elderly queried

The systolic blood pressure of elderly people should be kept below 140 mmHg, say researchers who dispute the eighth Joint National Committee guidelines.

18-05-2014 | Hypertension | Article

Metabolic syndrome linked to BP variability

Blood pressure variability is increased in patients with the metabolic syndrome, shows an analysis of NHANES III data.

14-05-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Renal dysfunction affects NT-proBNP predictive thresholds in pulmonary hypertension

N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide remains a valid predictor in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension who have concomitant renal dysfunction, say researchers.

13-05-2014 | Cardiology | Article

Inotropic agents support epoprostenol initiation in severe PAH

Researchers have published a protocol for use of inotropic agents during initiation of epoprostenol therapy in patients with severe pulmonary arterial hypertension.

12-05-2014 | Cardiology | Article

PAH risk factors identified for systemic sclerosis patients

Researchers have identified clinical features that could help predict which patients with systemic sclerosis are likely to go on to develop pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and therefore benefit most from early treatment.

11-05-2014 | Hypertension | Article

Ill effects of blood pressure variability disputed

The effect of visit-to-visit blood pressure variability on mortality may be partly caused by changes in average values over time, say researchers.

04-05-2014 | Hypertension | Article

Global risk assessment urged for hypertensive patients

Global risk assessment has a large impact on the risk stratification and therefore management of patients with hypertension, a study shows.