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Hospice and Palliative

Hospice and Palliative

25-02-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Reduced income lessens chances of at-home death

Terminally ill patients with a low median annual household income are less likely to die at home than their wealthier counterparts, according to US study results published in

JAMA Internal Medicine


20-02-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Advanced communication skills may not improve clinician empathy

Attending an advanced communication skills training course may not improve clinicians' ability to empathize with their palliative care patients, according to the results of a UK study.

19-02-2013 | Immunology | Article

Growth in opioid use prompts safety concerns

Prescriptions for opioid drugs have increased significantly in Germany over the past decade, a survey of insurance data has found.

19-02-2013 | Cardiology | Article

Symptom severity, hospice patient distress not necessarily linked

End-stage heart failure patients being treated in hospices have multiple symptoms with potential to cause distress, indicate US study findings.

13-02-2013 | Internal medicine | Article

Collaborative home-based palliative care for heart failure successful in UK

A collaborative home-based palliative care service for patients with advanced congestive heart failure could increase their chances of dying in their place of choice, show UK study results.

12-02-2013 | Internal medicine | Article

Out-of-hospital death does not equal less aggressive care

Rates of intensive care unit use in the last month of life among patients aged 65 years and older increased between 2000 and 2009 in the USA, despite a reduction in rates of in-hospital death, conflating the notion that there is a trend toward less aggressive care, say researchers.

05-02-2013 | General practice | Article

Start palliative care early for optimum results

Palliative care provided early in the ambulatory care setting varies with the trajectory of patients’ disease and is complementary to medical management, show study results.

05-02-2013 | Hospice medicine | Article

Sympathetic nervous system implicated in acupuncture analgesia

Acupuncture appears to activate the sympathetic nervous system in people experiencing pain, a randomized study indicates.

04-02-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Advanced care planning improves end-of-life care

Advance care planning for older adults results in improved quality of care at the end of life, with less in-hospital death and the increased use of hospice services, the results of a study indicate.

30-01-2013 | Stroke | Article

Palliative care for stroke affected by age, gender, stroke type

Whether patients with stroke are referred to palliative care services depends on their age, their gender, and what type of stroke they have had, Australian study results indicate.

29-01-2013 | Oncology | Article

Inflammation could hinder energy intake in advanced cancer

Energy intake, particularly energy density, is positively associated with energy balance in patients with advanced cancer, report Swedish researchers.

23-01-2013 | Pharmacology | Article

Antibiotic use common at the end of life

More than one-quarter of hospice patients receive antibiotics in their last week of life, despite the absence of documented infection in most cases, US researchers report.

22-01-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

Efficacy of docusate called into question

Docusate does not significantly improve the management of constipation in hospice patients, show the results of a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.

22-01-2013 | General practice | Article

US physicians show conservative approach to end-of-life sedation

Intentionally sedating patients to unconsciousness until death is neither widely practiced nor supported by US physicians, a national survey indicates.

16-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Palliative planning reduces out-of-hours hospital admissions

Being able to access an electronic palliative care summary for patients with cancer can help doctors make decisions during out-of-hours care and reduce the chances of unplanned hospital admissions, show UK study results.

16-01-2013 | Surgery | Article

True extent of life-support buy-in revealed

Many surgeons contract informally with patients preoperatively about the use of postoperative life support, report researchers.

15-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Ethnicity influences family involvement in end-of-life decisions

Research in Singapore reveals that, as cancer patients age, their families play a larger role in their healthcare decision-making, with patients themselves becoming less involved as their condition deteriorates.

09-01-2013 | Geriatrics | Article

Nurses’ positivity can alleviate end-of-life suffering

The psychologic response to terminal illness can be summarized as the realization that life is short, say Spanish researchers.

08-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Discussing patients’ end-of-life wishes ‘key’ in Huntington’s

Discussing end-of-life issues with patients suffering from Huntington’s disease is a key responsibility for physicians, say Dutch researchers.

02-01-2013 | Hospice medicine | Article

Service integration promotes viable outpatient palliative care

Healthcare reforms that promote integration of care across treatment settings facilitate feasible and cost-effective outpatient palliative care, suggest findings from a sustainable community-based model of care.