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23-05-2010 | Gynaecology | Article

SCREENIVF identifies women at risk for emotional problems during IVF


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MedWire News: SCREENIVF correctly identifies the risk or lack of risk for emotional maladjustment in three-quarters of women undergoing IVF, say Dutch researchers.

Christianne Verhaak and co-authors from Radboud Unviersity Medical Center in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, believe that early identification of women at risk “enables the provision of timely psychosocial support.”

The team administered the SCREENIVF questionnaire to 279 women before their first IVF treatment cycle (T1), and then again 3-4 weeks after the pregnancy test (T2), to evaluate its efficacy at predicting emotional maladjustment before treatment begins.

SCREENIVF evaluates general and fertility-specific psychological factors including; pretreatment anxiety and depression; feeling helpless; demonstrating less acceptance of fertility problems; and feeling a lack of social support.

The overall efficacy of SCREENIVF was 75 percent, with 46 patients correctly identified as at risk, and 163 correctly identified as not at risk for emotional problems.

The negative predictive value of SCREENIVF was higher than its positive predictive value, at 48 and 89 percent, indicating it better identifies patients without than those with clinical problems, note the researchers.

They conclude that a tool such as SCREENIVF “allows both clinicians and patients to anticipate emotional vulnerability… and its possible negative effects on the course of the treatment.”

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By Sarah Guy