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06-06-2010 | Gynaecology | Article

Progesterone supplement at luteal phase has no effect on frozen-embryo transfer


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MedWire News: Vaginally administered progesterone supplementation during the luteal phase of ovarian stimulation has no effect on ongoing pregnancy rates after embryo transfer, say Belgian researchers.

Dimitra Kyrou and colleagues from Universitair Ziekenhuis in Brussels investigated the effects of progesterone supplementation in 452 human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG)-induced natural frozen-thawed cycles.

Previous studies in menopausal women have shown reduced levels of luteinizing hormone—essential for maintenance of the corpus luteum—after hCG injection.

In the current study, 243 of the cycles were supplemented and 209 were not. Pregnancy rates did not differ between the two groups at 21 percent and 22 percent, respectively.

This non-significant effect was confirmed by logistic regression analysis, giving an odds ratio (OR) of 0.9 for the presence or not of luteal supplementation.

The researchers report a significant increase in ongoing pregnancy rate after supplementation in women who had a previous pregnancy following a fresh embryo transfer, at an OR of 6.04, and those with increased endometrial thickness (mean 8.7 mm), at an OR of 1.25.

“Further prospective randomized studies are needed to comfirm our findings,” conclude Kyrou et al.

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By Sarah Guy