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13-08-2012 | General practice | Article

RCGP GP Curriculum revamped


RCGP GP Curriculum and Assessment

MedWire News: The RCGP has updated its GP training curriculum to make it more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

The College has used feedback gathered since the GP Curriculum was first introduced in 2007 to give it a clearer and more consistent structure, and to provide a better description of the underlying theoretical framework and how this can be used to support the training and work of a GP.

The updated curriculum also reflects latest developments in general practice, GP training needs and patient expectations, the College says.

A key structural change is the introduction of four key contextual statements and 21 clinical examples surrounding the central core statement, Being a GP, instead of the previous 31 interpretive statements.

Dr Charlotte Tulinius, RCGP Medical Director of Curriculum, commented: "The key message is that the core statement Being a GP is the Curriculum. The four contextual statements and the 21 clinical examples are just illustrations of how to use the core statement in your GP training and after [the Core Curriculum Test] as a lifelong learner."

"The added case illustrations, the colour coding of competences, and the edited language should make this much clearer."

The College emphasises that learning outcomes have essentially stayed the same, and that it is simply the presentation and accessibility that have been "radically" changed.

The revised version comes into effect this month and trainees who had already begun the programme the previous year should simply continue with the updated curriculum.

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By Caroline Price