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12-05-2011 | General practice | Article

Government must listen to GPs


NHS Alliance

The NHS Alliance is urging the Government to keep primary care clinicians as involved as their secondary care colleagues in debates over the Health and Social Care Bill.

Alliance Chair Dr Michael Dixon emphasised his concerns that the current 'listening exercise' on the reforms is failing to hear GPs' voices.

Indeed, speaking at a joint conference with the King's Fund, Dr Dixon warned that GP consortia leaders feel 'betrayed' and sidelined in the discussions, Pulse magazine reported.

In a press statement, Dr Dixon said: "GP consortia and GP consortia leaders have got a serious job to do, which is not helped by sniping from the sides or threats of destabilisation of many vested interests who are opposed to clinical leadership, primary care or decentralization."

Improving community services to look after the most dependent patients out of hospital and supporting self-care, personal health and community health initiatives needs to be taken seriously rather than talked about, Dr Dixon continued.

He added: "Everyone agrees that the NHS needs to change and improve; dumbing down GP commissioning and straight jacketing its leaders is not the way forward."

The Alliance has set up a rival listening exercise and is currently inviting views of primary care clinicians and other healthcare professionals in order to make sure their views are communicated to the Government.

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By Caroline Price