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02-05-2012 | General practice | Article

First-wave CCG applicants unveiled


Wave 1 applications for CCG authorisation

medWire News: The first wave of CCGs to apply for authorisation have been announced by the NHS Commissioning Board.

The 35 CCGs named yesterday come from across the whole of England and include Cumbria, Islington, Sandwell and West Birmingham, Kernow in Cornwall and Wokingham.

Each CCG is expected to take 3 months to be assessed and gain authorisation; applications will take place in four waves between July 2012 and January 2013.

Another CCG in the first wave is Liverpool. Chairman Dr Nadim Fazlani told GP magazine: "We are delighted that our application to be assessed in the first wave of the CCG authorisation process has been accepted. The shadow Liverpool CCG Board has self-assessed its progress in terms of the authorisation domains and concluded that the CCG will be ready to be considered from July 2012."

Dame Barbara Hakin, National Director of Commissioning Development at the NHS Commissioning Board Authority said: "All the emerging clinical commissioning groups have made fantastic progress to prepare themselves for authorisation. Today we are confirming those who have chosen to be assessed in wave 1.

"We expect confirmation of which CCGs will be assessed in waves 2, 3 and 4 shortly. We will continue to work with all emerging CCGs over the coming months to guide and support them on their journey to establishment to ensure they are in a strong position to take on their full responsibilities."

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By Caroline Price