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12-09-2011 | General practice | Article

Alliance, NAPC join lobbying forces



The NHS Alliance and the NAPC have come together to form a coalition to support GPs in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

The GP membership groups, long-time commissioning advocates, say they will use their collective voices to ensure CCGs are at the heart of the reformed NHS and not held back by central directives.

As reported by univadis GP News, the Alliance recently voiced concerns that CCGs are at risk of being sidelined under the government's revised NHS reform proposals.

NHS Alliance Chairman Dr Michael Dixon said: "As the two organisations that have wholeheartedly championed clinical commissioning over the last two decades, we have a long history of commitment and dedication to the clinical commissioning cause."

He added that they will listen to and represent CCGs "without compromise" and help to balance out the "top heavy approach often seen in the NHS".

Top of the list of the Coalition's stated shared principles is that commissioning should remain in the public sector. Others include that the NHS Commissioning Board should be kept out of local decision making where possible and that integrated care should be developed to meet the needs of patients not providers.

It also pledges to "seek to ensure" that CCGs have the means to challenge decisions made by the Care Quality Commission and Monitor.

Dr Johnny Marshall, Chairman of NAPC, said: "These are exciting, if challenging, times. The strength of our two organisations working in partnership on the same agenda should reassure CCGs of our commitment to their cause and that of their patients."

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By Caroline Price