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FAQs: Users

Who writes the news?
We are a professional team of dedicated, experienced news writers with strong scientific backgrounds and a solid grounding in delivering medical news

How do you source the news stories?
We identify all key developments by sourcing high-quality, clinically relevant and impactful research from the major peer-reviewed journals, conferences and governing bodies.

How will I benefit from registering with medwireNews?
medwireNews is a single source of news, delivered to your inbox, saving you valuable time. The news stories deliver the most topical and relevant research findings, thoughts and opinion in the fast-moving world of medical research and clinical trials. The findings are also put into context, highlighting how they might impact clinical practice

How do I know the content on medwireNews is trustworthy?
You can rest assured that the news is an approved, trusted and reliable source. Only peer-reviewed and reputable research is covered and only independent news is published on

How do I access the full-text articles?
All our news stories are referenced and linked to free abstracts or, if they are freely available, full text for further reading, if desired.

How can I cite a medwireNews article?
Our stories can be cited by naming the writer, the bureau and linking directly to the story on the medwireNews site, for example:

Reference: Lynda Williams, medwireNews

How do I register for medwireNews?
You can register for a free account with us by visiting, and clicking on "Register" at the top of the homepage. Fill out the registration form, and click “Submit”. Once registered you will have the option to select your eAlert preferences.

Can I sign up to receive eAlerts?
Registered users can sign up to receive medwireNews newsletters in their preferred therapy areas, by logging in and clicking on “eAlerts” at the top of the homepage. Select your preferred areas and then click “Submit”. The option to unsubscribe can be found within the eAlert emails.

Is there an application for mobile devices?
Not yet! But is designed for an optimal reading experience through any browser and on any device.