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FAQs: Commercial partners

How does the licensing/business-model work?
The medwireNews bureau writes and publishes news which is funded by a licensee. The stories are then published on the licensees’ websites, providing a free, independent and highly regarded news service to their target audience. The stories are also published on to demonstrate true independence.

What are the benefits of licensing the news?
Authoritative, independent, medical news adds value to your website or newsletters and builds relationships with your audience as you demonstrate your commitment to the field.

Dynamic content encourages repeat visits and drives usage to your site thanks to medwireNews stories being full of relevant keywords and hot topics.

Our news articles are supplied with rich hyperlinking to original sources and related sites, plus tagging of articles for site segmentation and personalisation.

How much does it cost?
The license fee depends on the frequency of the stories and whether the licensee wants to add any other features to our standard format. We arrange frequency and volume of stories to accommodate any budget.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a quotation.

Is it available in other languages?
Yes, we can provide both English and translated versions of existing or new stories, in any language. Please contact us for more information.

Are there other formats available?
Yes! The medwireNews bureau can also deliver video interviews, reviews, editorials, podcasts and full congress reporting, making news in the field quickly and easily digestible.

Please contact us to discuss reliable content that seamlessly integrates and enhances your own brand.