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medwireNews@AAN 2019

09-05-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

AAN 2019: Paediatric MS disability scoring system developed

Jonathan Santoro summarises their research evaluating disability distribution in paediatric-onset multiple sclerosis using a novel scoring model, and discusses the implications for the care of patients (4:31).

09-05-2019 | Motor neuron diseases | Video

AAN 2019: Risdiplam potential for type 2, 3 SMA demonstrated

Laurent Servais presents the safety and exploratory efficacy data from the SUNFISH study evaluating the SMN2 pre‐mRNA splicing modifier risdiplam in individuals who have type 2 or 3 spinal muscular atrophy (4.33).

08-05-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

AAN 2019: Serum NfL levels linked to cognitive deficits in secondary progressive MS setting

Jens Kuhle discusses their analysis of data from the EXPAND trial indicating that blood neurofilament light chain levels could be a biomarker for cognitive impairment in patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, and also outlines the knowledge gaps (4:16).

08-05-2019 | Motor neuron diseases | Video

AAN 2019: Promising early results for risdiplam in babies with type 1 SMA

Laurent Servais reports on part 1 of the FIREFISH trial of risdiplam in infants with type 1 spinal muscular atrophy showing improvements in various outcomes, including motor function and ventilation (3:55).

08-05-2019 | Parkinson's disease | Video

AAN 2019: LRRK2, GBA carriers exhibit subtle manifestations of Parkinson’s disease

Tatyana Simuni describes the clinical and imaging features of LRRK2 and GBA mutation carriers participating in the Parkinson's Progression Markers Initiative cohort (6:29).

07-05-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

AAN 2019: Amyloid PET may predict cognitive decline in patients with MS

Jordi Matias-Guiu summarises the findings of their prospective study investigating the use of amyloid positron emission tomography to identify multiple sclerosis patients likely to experience cognitive impairment (3:10).

07-05-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

AAN 2019: CHORDS sheds light on safety and effectiveness of ocrelizumab in real-world setting

Thomas Leist takes us through the 1-year interim analysis of the CHORDS study of ocrelizumab comprising multiple sclerosis patients drawn from community practice (2:04).

07-05-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

AAN 2019: Research emphasizes need to use higher efficacy therapies in younger MS patients

Enrique Alvarez discusses their research demonstrating a difference in the efficacy of multiple sclerosis medications by age, and comments on the implications for clinical practice (5:04).

06-05-2019 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

AAN 2019: Cladribine benefit observed across all subgroups in ORACLE-MS study

Thomas Leist outlines a post-hoc analysis of the ORACLE-MS trial of individuals with a first demyelinating event showing that all subgroups appear to benefit from treatment with cladribine. He also discusses future directions of research (3:52).

medwireNews@ECTRIMS 2018

13-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: Novel 3-in-1 MS-SMART trial fails on efficacy end-points but paves the way for multi-arm strategies

Jeremy Chataway reports on the latest findings from the MS-SMART trial that evaluated the efficacy of amiloride, fluoxetine and riluzole versus placebo in reducing disability in progressive multiple sclerosis as a way of speeding up phase II trial activity (2:57).

12-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: : ORATORIO extension-phase trial findings show sustained reduction in MS disability progression with ocrelizumab

Jerry Wolinksy summarises his findings from the open-label extension period of the phase III ORATORIO trial looking at sustained disability progression with ocrelizumab in patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (8:20).

12-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: Sensitivity for predicting a second MS episode increased with McDonald 2017 criteria

Roos M van der Vuurst de Vries discusses her McDonald 2017 criteria findings, which provide further support of improved sensitivity for diagnosing clinically definite multiple sclerosis in patients with clinically isolated syndrome (5:05).

12-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: McDonald 2017 criteria allows for earlier MS diagnosis than McDonald 2010 in patients with clinically isolated syndrome

Wallace Brownlee presents his study showing that the revised McDonald 2017 criteria are more sensitive than the McDonald 2010 criteria, albeit with a modest reduction in specificity, for diagnosing multiple sclerosis in patients with typical clinically isolated syndrome characteristics (3:49).

12-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: Real-world data support early treatment initiation in relapsing-remitting MS patients

Pietro Iaffaldano shares his real-world findings from the Big Multiple Sclerosis Data Network showing an optimal time to treatment initiation of 6 months in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (1:51).

12-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: Focal inflammatory brain disease associated with increased risk for cognitive disability in relapse-onset MS

Wallace Brownlee talks about his group’s findings that conventional MRI measures of inflammatory disease could help identify patients with early multiple sclerosis who are at high risk of developing cognitive disability (3:05).

11-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: Focal cortical damage identifies MS patients at increased risk of frequent early relapses

Antonio Scalfari gives an overview of findings showing that early focal cortical lesions at multiple sclerosis onset is associated with earlier relapse and an increased risk of converting to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (4:14).  

11-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: Better outcomes in relapsing MS patients switching to natalizumb versus fingolimod after first-line treatment

Tim Spelman discusses his team’s findings of a significant reduction in relapse rates and greater disability improvement in multiple sclerosis patients who relapse on first-line treatment and switch to natalizumab versus fingolimod (2:55).

10-10-2018 | Multiple sclerosis | Video

ECTRIMS 2018: Ongoing relapse activity is a suitable treatment target in secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis

Nathaniel Lizak presents study findings showing that ongoing relapse in patients with multiple sclerosis is not a contraindication to disease-modifying treatment (2:19).

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