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17-01-2017 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Guideline advises on fMRI use for mapping brain function prior to epilepsy surgery

The American Academy of Neurology has recommended the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging as an alternative to the intracarotid amobarbital procedure for presurgical mapping of language and memory function in patients with epilepsy.

23-12-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

No added benefit with induced hypothermia for convulsive status epilepticus

Induced hypothermia as an adjunct to standard care fails to improve functional outcome after convulsive status epilepticus, HYBERNATUS study findings show.

01-12-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Support for lacosamide as a monotherapy in newly diagnosed epilepsy

Lacosamide could be suitable as a monotherapy for adults with newly diagnosed epilepsy, say researchers.

02-11-2016 | Diabetes | News | Article

Epilepsy risk may be heightened in type 1 diabetes patients

A population-based study reveals a threefold increased rate of epilepsy diagnosis among patients with type 1 diabetes, after accounting for social deprivation, cerebral palsy, head injury, and learning disability.

27-09-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Reserve urged when using therapeutic coma in SE treatment

Therapeutic coma should be reserved for severe refractory convulsive status epilepticus after adequate and early dosing of first- and second-line drugs in line with current recommendations, say researchers.

21-09-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Subthreshold electrical stimulation may be a welcome break for some epilepsy patients

Chronic subthreshold cortical stimulation could bring relief to patients with focal epilepsy who do not tolerate medication, are unsuitable for surgery or welcome a potentially reversible procedure.

17-08-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Brain atrophy documented in prolonged status epilepticus

Using magnetic resonance imaging, US investigators have found evidence of brain atrophy in patients with super-refractory status epilepticus despite seizure control treatment with anaesthetic agents.

29-04-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Disrupted memory pathways uncovered in epilepsy patients

A study in rats, backed up by results in patients, has revealed how interictal epileptiform discharges may lead to memory impairments in patients with epilepsy.

07-04-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Epilepsy drug exposure does not increase newborn orofacial cleft risk

Pregnant women with epilepsy should not rule out continuing lamotrigine therapy due to concerns that exposure could increase the risk of orofacial clefts in their babies, say investigators.

16-03-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Stimulus-induced discharges in critically ill not linked to in-hospital death

Stimulus-induced rhythmic, periodic or ictal discharges in critically ill patients are not independently associated with in-hospital death, but are often associated with other electrographic abnormalities signalling poor outcomes, electroencephalography findings show.

09-03-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Hemispheric and thalamic volumes point to electrical epilepticus during sleep

Early assessment of hemispheric and thalamic volumes in children with polymicrogyria and epilepsy can reliably predict the risk of continuous spike-and-wave complexes during sleep, a study indicates.

16-02-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

‘Bioequivalence’ shown for generic lamotrigine

The EQUIGEN trial shows that switching to and between generic versions of lamotrigine does not affect the plasma levels achieved by patients with epilepsy.

18-01-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Common mortality causes prevail in epilepsy patients

A prospective, community-based study confirms that patients with epilepsy usually die of the same causes as other people.

13-01-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Interictal discharges have neuropsychological effects in rolandic epilepsy

Centrotemporal spikes experienced between seizures by children with rolandic epilepsy may disrupt functional brain networks and contribute to language, behaviour and cognitive problems, research suggests.

07-01-2016 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Early promise for cannabis extract treatment in epilepsy

A preliminary, open-label study suggests that cannabidiol may be a useful adjunctive treatment in adults and children with intractable epilepsy.

18-12-2015 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Common mechanism may underlie epilepsy, suicidality

Patients with epilepsy have an increased risk of attempting suicide, which precedes their epilepsy diagnosis, say researchers.

27-11-2015 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Prehospital combination therapy disappoints in status epilepticus

Adding levetiracetam to prehospital treatment with clonazepam does not improve control of generalised convulsive status epilepticus, shows a randomised phase III trial.

30-10-2015 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Very long-term outcomes of childhood onset epilepsy reported

A study in Epilepsia presents seizure remission outcomes as well as detailed clinical and neurological findings from a minimum 45-year follow-up of a Finnish cohort of individuals with childhood-onset epilepsy.

15-10-2015 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Glutamate imaging may guide surgery in ‘nonlesional’ epilepsy

Glutamate imaging may be capable of identifying the focus of epileptic seizures in patients who appear to have nonlesional epilepsy on standard imaging techniques, researchers report in Science Translational Medicine.

01-10-2015 | Epilepsy | News | Article

Anteroinferior encephalocele a rare but important epilepsy cause

Clinicians should actively search for anteroinferior encephaloceles in patients with treatment-refractory epilepsy, say researchers.

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