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Paediatric endocrinology

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  • MRI screening ‘most efficient approach’ for CNS lesions in girls with central precocious puberty

  • Polygenic risk score rivals mid-parental height for predicting adult short stature

  • Knowledge gaps make teens with endocrine disorders unready for transition to adult clinic

A resource for healthcare professionals caring for patients with Cushing’s syndrome

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Cortisol status may influence pregnancy outcomes in women with a history of Cushing’s disease

Having hyper- or hypocortisolism at the time of pregnancy may increase the risk for preterm birth and other pregnancy complications among women with a history of Cushing’s disease, indicate findings from the Baby-Cush study.

Cushing’s disease may have ‘persisting negative effects’ on mental health

Research from Daniel Bengtsson and team suggests that people with Cushing’s disease have higher rates of psychotropic drug use than those without, both before the time of diagnosis and later in the disease course.

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