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Paediatric endocrinology

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  • Growth hormone insensitivity encompasses wide range of clinical entities

  • Updated congenital adrenal hyperplasia strategy reduces false-positive screening rate

  • Cardiological tests indicated in melanocortin pathway mutations linked to reduced cardiac mass

A resource for healthcare professionals caring for patients with Cushing’s syndrome

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Long-term improvement of bone mineral density after Cushing’s syndrome treatment

Bone mineral density continues to improve for up to 20 years after treatment for Cushing’s syndrome, report Annenienke van de Ven and team.

IGF-I levels after surgery for Cushing’s syndrome linked to long-term muscle function

Study findings from Martin Reincke and colleagues suggest that serum IGF-I levels 6 months after curative surgery for endogenous Cushing’s syndrome may be predictive of long-term muscle strength outcomes.

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