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Diabetes & Endocrinology

An online resource for diabetes professionals

Medicine Matters diabetes is SpringerNature's editorially independent, free to access online resource for healthcare professionals working with diabetes patients. Find the latest news and in-depth articles from medwireNews, read opinions and updates from our clinical advisors, and access a wealth of peer-reviewed research and educational materials.

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Paediatric endocrinology

Interested in paediatric endocrinology?

Visit our dedicated microsite for research news, interviews and in-depth analysis of paediatric endocrinology and growth disorders.

  • ‘No clear benefit’ for morning vs evening 21-OHD high-dose hydrocortisone timing

  • Levo-thyroxine dose may need more initial adjustment with solution than pills in congenital hypothyroidism

  • rhGH treatment has positive growth, body composition effects in Kabuki Syndrome

A resource for healthcare professionals caring for patients with Cushing’s syndrome

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Ectopic Cushing's syndrome linked to poor prognosis in medullary thyroid cancer

Matthias Kroiss and colleagues outline the clinical characteristics, treatment, and outcomes of patients with the rare condition of ectopic Cushing’s syndrome associated with advanced medullary thyroid cancer.

Updated guidelines for Cushing’s disease diagnosis, management issued

Maria Fleseriu and colleagues from 13 countries across five continents have developed updated consensus recommendations for the diagnosis and management of Cushing’s disease, which were published online in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology in October 2021.

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