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Diabetes & Endocrinology

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Diabetes news headlines

Paediatric endocrinology

Interested in paediatric endocrinology?

Visit our dedicated microsite for research news, interviews and in-depth analysis of paediatric endocrinology and growth disorders.

  • UK auxological referral criteria have low sensitivity for pathological short stature

  • Combined pituitary hormone deficiency diagnosis often delayed

  • Most young transgender people continue to identify as gender variant into adulthood

A resource for healthcare professionals caring for patients with Cushing’s syndrome

Mortality risk remains elevated even after Cushing’s syndrome remission

Findings from two studies highlight that mortality rates are elevated among patients with Cushing’s syndrome compared with healthy individuals, and this increased risk is attenuated, but still significant, in those who have achieved remission.

LINC 4 trial supports osilodrostat for the treatment of Cushing’s disease

Treatment with the 11β-hydroxylase inhibitor osilodrostat normalizes cortisol levels in the majority of patients with Cushing’s disease, report Mônica Gadelha and co-investigators from the LINC 4 trial.