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03-03-2013 | Genetics | Article

FTO gene function may encompass more than body mass

Three variants in the fat mass and obesity associated gene are associated with significant predisposition to melanoma, show findings published in Nature Genetics.

03-03-2013 | Immunology | Article

Omalizumab scratches the itch for urticaria patients

The monoclonal antibody omalizumab seems to be effective at relieving symptoms for patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria who have not responded to H1-antihistamine therapy, report US researchers.

28-02-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

No increased risk for inflammatory bowel disease with isotretinoin

Researchers report no link between isotretinoin use for the treatment of acne and increased risk for inflammatory bowel disease in women of reproductive age.

24-02-2013 | Psychology | Article

Mental health risk increased in children with atopic dermatitis

Results from a US study suggest that children with atopic dermatitis (AD) are at significantly increased risk for mental health disorders.

14-02-2013 | Psychology | Article

Depression reduces efficacy of shingles vaccine

Research suggests that the varicella zoster, or shingles, vaccine is less effective in older people with untreated depression.

12-02-2013 | General practice | Article

Researchers ESTABLISH efficacy of tedizolid phosphate for skin infections

Results from the phase III ESTABLISH-1 study show that the new antibiotic tedizolid phosphate is noninferior to linezolid for the treatment of acute bacterial and skin structure infections.

30-01-2013 | Immunology | Article

New insight into eczema’s itch

Research shows that innate lymphoid cells accumulate in active eczema lesions and may contribute to disease progression.

23-01-2013 | Immunology | Article

Diet plays key role in severe childhood allergic disorders

Study findings suggest that children and adolescents who eat fast food three times a week or more have a greater risk for severe asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, and eczema than those who do not.

20-01-2013 | Genetics | Article

Winning the genetic body odor lottery could save on deodorant

Research shows that people who have two copies of the minor allele of a single nucleotide polymorphism found in the ABCC11 gene could save money on deodorant as they are genetically odorless.

17-01-2013 | General practice | Article

Smartphone melanoma apps cause for concern

Smartphone applications that claim to be able to diagnose melanoma should be treated with extreme caution, say researchers.

10-01-2013 | Oncology | Article

Intermittent therapy may be answer to treating drug-resistant melanoma

Findings from a study carried out in mice suggest that an intermittent dosing strategy may be the answer to combating lethal tumor resistance to the BRAF inhibitor vemurafenib, in patients with late-stage BRAF-mutated melanoma.

08-01-2013 | Podiatry | Article

Tibial artery calcification predicts foot ulceration

Tibial artery calcification is a significant risk factor for foot ulcers in patients with Type 2 diabetes, research suggests.

03-01-2013 | Dermatology | Article

Brake for skin inflammation discovered

The absence of a protein called Ctip2 in the skin allows increased levels of T-helper 2 cytokines and may have a role in conditions such as atopic dermatitis, research in mice suggests.

27-12-2012 | Immunology | Article

Rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps ‘predisposes to psoriasis’

People who suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps have around twice the risk for psoriasis as the general population, a Taiwanese study has found.

13-12-2012 | Surgery | Article

Banana leaf bandages effective and inexpensive

Banana leaves are a cheap and effective alternative to traditional medical wound dressings, as long as they are effectively sterilized before use, show study findings published in Dermatologic Surgery.

10-12-2012 | Dermatology | Article

Age, functional status predict return to acute care for burn patients

Older age and lower functional status at admission increase a patient’s likelihood of being transferred from a burn rehabilitation unit back to acute care, show study findings.

06-12-2012 | Dermatology | Article

Noncoding DNA sequence required for epidermal differentiation

The differentiation of human epidermis is controlled and stabilized by a long noncoding RNA termed terminal differentiation-induced noncoding RNA acting through a post-transcriptional mechanism, the results of an innovative US study indicate.

29-11-2012 | Podiatry | Article

Topical simvastatin may be answer to nonhealing diabetic wounds

Topical simvastatin significantly accelerates wound healing in mice and may be a good treatment option for diabetic patients with nonhealing wounds, say researchers.

22-11-2012 | General practice | Article

Children with psoriasis at increased risk for obesity

Children with psoriasis have a greater risk for being overweight or obese than those without the disorder, report researchers.

15-11-2012 | General practice | Article

Vitiligo patients have low risk for skin cancer

Evidence suggests that patients with vitiligo have a reduced risk for both melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer.