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Breast cancer

Breast cancer

25-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Chemotherapy-related toxic effects reduced with geriatric assessment-driven intervention

A geriatric assessment-driven intervention may reduce the risk for grade 3 or higher chemotherapy-related toxicities in older people with cancer, research suggests.

22-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Pancytopenia risk demonstrated for PARP inhibitor use

Patients beginning PARP inhibitor therapy for breast, ovarian, and other types of cancer should undergo monthly surveillance for early-onset pancytopenia, French researchers recommend.

21-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

ESMO releases metastatic breast cancer guideline

Click through to find out more about these recommendations

20-10-2021 | Oncology | Highlight | Article

Earlier breast screening for Black women may reduce racial mortality gaps

Initiating biennial breast screening for Black women at age 40 years rather than the US standard of 50 years could substantially reduce Black–White breast cancer mortality disparities without increasing harms, modelling data suggest.

19-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

EMA backs sacituzumab govitecan for TNBC

Read more on this decision here

15-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

High rates of tamoxifen discontinuation, nonadherence in male breast cancer patients

A database analysis has revealed poor adherence to adjuvant tamoxifen in older men with early-stage breast cancer.

15-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Adjuvant abemaciclib gets go-ahead from FDA for early breast cancer

Click here for more details on this approval

14-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Cancer surgery systems need strengthening against future societal lockdowns

Data form the international COVIDSurg collaborative study show that around one in seven patients did not undergo planned surgery for cancer if their region was in full COVID-19 lockdown.

13-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Early data point to benefit of third COVID-19 vaccine dose for cancer patients

A small phase 1 trial suggests that a third booster dose of the Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine in patients receiving anticancer therapy could improve their immunologic response to SARS-CoV-2.

12-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Thoracic ultrasonography may lead to shorter pleurodesis hospital stays

Using thoracic ultrasonography to guide pleurodesis leads to shorter hospital stays, with similar success rates, compared with standard care in people with malignant pleural effusion, SIMPLE study findings indicate.

07-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

SLE is a risk factor for death in older women with breast cancer

Systemic lupus erythematosus is significantly associated with impaired survival among older women with early breast cancer, research findings show.

04-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Toxicity Index, PRO data shed light on early endocrine therapy discontinuations

Toxicity Index data plus patient-reported outcomes may provide greater insights into reasons for early discontinuation of endocrine therapy than maximum-grade adverse event data alone, US study findings indicate.

01-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

EMA supports extension of pembrolizumab use for advanced TNBC

Read more on this decision here

01-10-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

First-line everolimus plus letrozole prolongs PFS of premenopausal breast cancer patients

Premenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative, advanced breast cancer derive a significant progression-free survival benefit from the addition of everolimus to first-line letrozole, shows the MIRACLE trial.

28-09-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Trastuzumab duocarmazine could be ‘a new option’ for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer

Previously treated patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer derive a significant progression-free survival benefit from the novel HER2-targeted antibody–drug conjugate trastuzumab duocarmazine relative to standard treatment, shows the TULIP trial.

23-09-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

MONALEESA-2 update demonstrates ribociclib plus letrozole OS benefit

The final overall survival findings from the MONALEESA-2 trial confirm the long-term benefits of combining ribociclib with first-line letrozole for postmenopausal women with advanced hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer.

21-09-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Extended letrozole may improve long-term survival of early-stage breast cancer

Extending adjuvant aromatase inhibitor therapy with letrozole to 5 years improves survival among women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer who have already received 2 to 3 years of tamoxifen, shows the phase 3 GIM4 trial.

18-09-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Trastuzumab deruxtecan shows ‘unprecedented efficacy’ in DESTINY-Breast03

Previously treated patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer derive a significant progression-free survival benefit from trastuzumab deruxtecan relative to trastuzumab emtansine, find the DESTINY-Breast03 investigators.

17-09-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

BrighTNess update confirms benefit of adding carboplatin to neoadjuvant chemo in TNBC

Adding carboplatin to neoadjuvant paclitaxel is sufficient to boost the outcomes of patients with triple-negative breast cancer, with no further improvement from the addition of veliparib to the dual regimen, confirms a follow-up analysis of the BrighTNess trial.

16-09-2021 | Oncology | News | Article

Residual cancer burden may predict treatment efficacy in breast cancer

Residual cancer burden offers prognostic information after neoadjuvant chemotherapy across breast cancer subtypes and treatments, show data from I-SPY2.

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