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11-03-2013 | Surgery | Article

NSAIDs valid for pain relief in pediatric tonsillectomy

The use of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs can be regarded as a valid method of pain relief for children undergoing tonsillectomy, say Canadian researchers.

11-03-2013 | General practice | Article

Temporal artery temperature misses pediatric fever detection

Temporal artery thermometry should not be used in place of rectal measurement in the emergency management of very young febrile infants, US researchers warn.

07-03-2013 | Surgery | Article

Femoral canal change detected in women over time

Women experience a gradual expansion in femoral canal diameter with increasing age, which could impact the longevity of total hip replacement, UK researchers report.

04-03-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Call for universal CAH screening

An analysis of 100 years of epidemiological data from Sweden has shown that neonatal screening for congenital adrenal hyperplasia is as effective at improving survival in boys as it is in girls.

04-03-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Anti-metabolic syndrome efforts needed for young ALL survivors

Children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia are at risk for developing the metabolic syndrome during maintenance therapy, suggest study findings.

03-03-2013 | General practice | Article

‘Traffic light’ guide for pediatric bacterial infection needs refining

Study results suggest that a “traffic light” system for categorizing the severity of infections in children fails to detect a substantial number of serious bacterial infections, particularly urinary tract infections.

26-02-2013 | Infectious disease | Article

Current bacterial infection detection in newborns deemed inadequate

Bacterial cultures commonly used to detect infections in low birthweight newborns with early onset neonatal sepsis may not be sensitive enough, suggest findings published in

PLoS One


21-02-2013 | General practice | Article

Increasing breastfeeding ‘should be global priority’


: Save the Children is calling on world leaders, international institutions, and multinational companies to act to increase breastfeeding rates, especially in the poorest countries.

19-02-2013 | Medical management | Article

Dress to impress in the ICU

Dressing in “traditional” medical attire may help physicians in the intensive care unit to get relationships with their patients’ families off to a good start, research suggests.

18-02-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

Oxidative stress: the price of sucrose pain relief in neonates

Although sucrose significantly reduces the pain experienced by preterm neonates undergoing heel lance, it is associated with significant increases in adenosine triphosphate use and oxidative stress, the results of a US study indicate.

18-02-2013 | Infectious disease | Article

Risk factors for invasive candidiasis in infants clarified

A combination of exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics and having a platelet count below 50,000/mm


significantly increases a low-to-normal–weight infant’s chance for developing invasive candidiasis, report researchers.

18-02-2013 | Immunology | Article

Severe childhood asthma blood test hopes dashed

Blood eosinophil counts do not reliably reflect airway eosinophil concentrations in children with severe, therapy-resistant asthma, and therefore cannot be used to make therapeutic decisions, researchers report.

11-02-2013 | Gynaecology | Article

Large deviations from oxygen saturation targets for preterm infants

Recommended oxygen saturation targets are not always followed accurately during the first few minutes after the birth of preterm infants, show results of a study published in



11-02-2013 | Immunology | Article

Diastolic hypotension key predictor of admission in pediatric asthma

Results from a large study show that diastolic hypotension is a consistent predictor of admission to hospital in all children with asthma.

07-02-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

White matter injury common after aortic arch surgery in infants

Diagnostic category is the strongest predictor for postoperative white matter injury in infants undergoing surgery for congenital heart disease, say researchers.

06-02-2013 | Respiratory | Article

First new TB vaccine in century fails initial testing

The first of a series of new vaccines that have been developed to combat tuberculosis failed to show efficacy compared with placebo in South African infants, show results from a phase II trial.

04-02-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

Caution on COX inhibitor use in preterm infants

Very-low-birthweight preterm infants with thrombocytopenia treated with cyclooxygenase inhibitors are at an increased risk for intracerebral hemorrhage, particularly if they have decreased platelet levels, research shows.

04-02-2013 | Radiology | Article

Seven factors rule out CT for children with abdominal injury

Research shows that children presenting with abdominal injury at an emergency department who lack seven key factors are extremely unlikely to have an injury requiring acute intervention and therefore do not require computed tomography scanning.

31-01-2013 | General practice | Article

Risk factors identified for renal abnormality in vesicoureteral reflux

Researchers have identified the main risk factors for renal functional abnormalities in children with high-grade vesicoureteral reflux.

28-01-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

The emergency department: middle-man for pediatric referrals

Specialists are more willing to see publicly insured pediatric patients if they are referred from an emergency department rather than directly from a primary care physician, according to research findings from the USA.