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30-07-2013 | Mental health | Article

Drug misuse boost to cognition refuted in schizophrenia

Analysis of the CATIE study participants has cast doubt on the purported link between illicit drug use and improved cognitive function in patients with schizophrenia.

25-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Mental illness linked to substance use disorder transition

Research shows that there is a strong association between rates of transition from substance use to substance use disorder and the lifetime risk for mental illness, particularly personality and psychotic disorders.

18-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Exercise mediates alcohol brain harm

Researchers have found that aerobic exercise may mitigate the damaging effect of heavy alcohol consumption on white matter in the brain.

14-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Adolescent cigarette use reduced by exercise

Regular exercise significantly reduces daily cigarette use among adolescents, report researchers in the Journal of Adolescent Medicine.

11-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Exposure to parental substance abuse poses risk for adolescents

Exposure to a parental substance use disorder in adolescence specifically increases the risk for a child developing a SUD themselves, a US study shows.

04-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Alert to substance abuse among children of deployed personnel

Schools and healthcare providers should be aware that children of deployed military personnel are at increased risk for substance abuse, say the authors of a US study.

03-04-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Unhealthy behaviors in adolescents prompt heart disease fears

Unhealthy behaviors in teenagers may result in a significant increase in cardiovascular diseases in the future, suggest researchers.

26-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

Smoke-free workplaces improve home health

Making workplaces smoke free encourages people to make their homes smoke free, suggest findings from an Indian study.

21-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

Behavior change counseling training lacks impact

Training primary care physicians in motivational interviewing techniques does not result in improved positive behavior change among their patients, researchers report in the BMJ.

17-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

HIV infection speeds up HCV liver damage

Researchers have found that co-infection with HIV accelerates hepatitis C virus-related liver damage by nearly 10 years.

14-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

Targeted HIV prophylaxis key to cost effectiveness

A review of modeling studies shows that HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis is a cost-effective prevention strategy in many settings.

14-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

Treating substance abuse alone helps patients with co-occurring psychosis

Patients with co-occurring substance use disorder and psychiatric disorders may benefit from standard substance use disorder treatment, with the effects potentially lasting for several years, US research indicates.

07-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

Global cancer problem ‘needs international solution’

Global leaders in cancer research and policy are calling on the scientific community and worldwide governments to unite against the disease.

07-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

Addiction risk increased after mild traumatic brain injury

A study of military personnel suggests that individuals who have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury are at increased for addiction-related disorders.

04-03-2013 | Psychology | Article

Quitting cannabis may not alleviate psychosis

The amount of cannabis used does not appear to be associated with the severity of symptoms in patients with established psychosis, although the drug is linked to a small effect on psychosocial functioning, say UK scientists.

28-02-2013 | Psychology | Article

Sleep quality linked to cannabis lapses

Poor sleep quality is associated with an increased risk for early lapses in cannabis-dependent individuals who are attempting to quit the drug, researchers report.

28-02-2013 | Psychology | Article

Under-reported drinking major public health concern

Researchers say that current under-reporting of alcohol consumption has major implications for public health and policy, as it leads to underestimates of harmful drinking and inaccurate government guidance.

21-02-2013 | Psychology | Article

Opioids are main contributor to fatal overdoses

The number of deaths from drug overdoses in the United States in 2010 rose for the 11th consecutive year, show data from the National Center for Health Statistics.

21-02-2013 | Psychology | Article

Substance use increased in teens with ADHD

Adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have significantly higher rates of substance abuse and cigarette use than their peers without the condition, US research shows.

14-02-2013 | Psychology | Article

Substance use common in young mental health patients

Young people using mental healthcare services have a high frequency of alcohol, nicotine, and cannabis use, Australian study results show.