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03-02-2013 | Surgery | Article

Spinal surgery outcomes put ‘July effect’ in myth category

The supposed commotion caused by an influx of new residents and fellows that typically takes place at teaching hospitals during the month of July has an negligible effect on periprocedural outcomes after spinal surgery.

29-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Hospitalists flag patient overload threat to safety

Two-fifths of US hospitalists say their average patient load exceeds safe levels at least monthly, according to a nationwide survey.

27-01-2013 | Radiology | Article

European radiotherapy provision has ‘significant shortfalls’

A review published in

The Lancet Oncology

reveals significant shortfalls in radiotherapy equipment and manpower across Europe.

21-01-2013 | Surgery | Article

Simulation ticks box for checklists in surgical care

The management of operating-room crises could be significantly improved by using checklists, say researchers in the

New England Journal of Medicine


21-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Hospital-based home care can work for children with cancer

Hospital-based home care is a feasible alternative for children with cancer both regarding price and efficacy, show study findings.

20-01-2013 | Gynaecology | Article

Concern over privacy in neonatal intensive care units

Researchers say that privacy is a problem for breastfeeding mothers of newborns in the neonatal intensive care unit.

16-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Palliative planning reduces out-of-hours hospital admissions

Being able to access an electronic palliative care summary for patients with cancer can help doctors make decisions during out-of-hours care and reduce the chances of unplanned hospital admissions, show UK study results.

15-01-2013 | Medical management | Article

Clinician demographics key to primary care career choice

The demographics of physician assistants who choose a career in primary care are similar to those of medical students who also choose primary care, US study findings show.

14-01-2013 | Geriatrics | Article

Emergency departments drained of resources for elderly

Plans are needed to accommodate the growing demands on emergency departments to provide suitable care for older individuals in the USA, say researchers.

13-01-2013 | Medical management | Article

Dental diversion plan eases burden in busy EDs

Hospital emergency departments may benefit from having a diversion plan in place to deal with dental patients, say US researchers writing in the

Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


09-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Primary-care clinic treatment improves patient follow up

Treating low-acuity emergency-department patients in a primary-care clinic results in better future primary care follow up, research shows.

07-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Cost-ineffective drug prescribing practices revealed

Around four in 10 physicians prescribe a brand-name drug due to a patient request, when a generic equivalent is available, find researchers.

07-01-2013 | Legal medicine | Article

Lack of knowledge key to poor disabled access in primary care

Research suggests that a lack of knowledge about available accessible medical equipment among practice administrators makes primary healthcare difficult to access for patients with disabilities.

03-01-2013 | Psychology | Article

Cost-effectiveness findings for naloxone revealed

Researchers have found that naloxone distribution to heroin users could reduce the number of deaths from overdose while being cost-effective.

03-01-2013 | Internal medicine | Article

Training can improve inpatient record documentation

The accuracy and completeness of inpatient medical records can be significantly improved with clinical interventions designed to develop quality record keeping, research shows.

01-01-2013 | Emergency medicine | Article

Inpatient mortality increased by emergency department overcrowding

Periods of high crowding at emergency departments have a detrimental impact on outcomes, with increased patient mortality, length of hospital stay, and healthcare costs for admitted patients, US study findings indicate.

30-12-2012 | Internal medicine | Article

Hospitalist handoff needs action

Active listening occurs infrequently between hospitalists as they handoff patients during shift and service changes, show US study results.

27-12-2012 | Legal medicine | Article

Ease of use, usefulness keep patients e-happy

Ensuring that patients are loyal toward targeted online services comes down to whether they perceive the service to be useful and that the service is easy to use, report Spanish researchers.

26-12-2012 | Legal medicine | Article

Diabetes interventions show promise in primary care

Two lifestyle-based diabetes interventions developed in a clinical trial could successfully promote weight loss in primary care, research shows.

26-12-2012 | Surgery | Article

Surgeons: Support your low-income neighbor

Patients with cancer in low-income nations present for surgical treatment at a young age, advanced stage of disease, and often receive palliative rather than curative procedures, suggests a study in Malawi.