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11-06-2013 | Respiratory | Article

Biomarker combo predicts COPD exacerbations

Researchers have found that inflammatory biomarkers can predict acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, even in patients who have mild disease or have never had an exacerbation before.

16-05-2013 | Paediatrics | Article

Post mortem MRI may reduce need for pediatric autopsy

Post mortem magnetic resonance imaging could be a feasible alternative to autopsy for determining cause of death in carefully selected fetuses, infants, and children, research indicates.

29-04-2013 | Radiology | Article

New guidance on radioiodine therapy use after radiographic studies

Researchers have provided new evidence that could act as a guide for the use of radioiodine therapy after patients have undergone radiographic imaging studies that use iodine as a contrasting agent.

29-04-2013 | Pathology | Article

Measles outbreak prompts national vaccination catch-up program in UK

Health officials in the UK have announced a national catch-up program to target 10–16 year olds who did not receive the combined measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination in early childhood due to fears about links with autism.

28-04-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Organic pollutants increase nephropathy risk in diabetes

Individuals with diabetes may reduce their risk for developing nephropathy if they minimize their exposure to persistent organic pollutants, suggest researchers.

28-04-2013 | Urology | Article

Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy effective for advanced renal masses

Laparoscopic radical nephrectomy is an effective treatment approach for individuals with renal cell carcinoma who have larger or more advanced renal masses, report researchers.

25-04-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Nephropathy risk lowered by glucose, BP control in Type 1 diabetes

Individuals with Type 1 diabetes should keep good control of their blood sugar levels and blood pressure to reduce their risk for developing nephropathy, say researchers.

25-04-2013 | Surgery | Article

Osteomyelitis guidelines push pediatric care

US clinicians have demonstrated the benefits of multidisciplinary evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of children with osteomyelitis.

25-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Mental illness linked to substance use disorder transition

Research shows that there is a strong association between rates of transition from substance use to substance use disorder and the lifetime risk for mental illness, particularly personality and psychotic disorders.

25-04-2013 | General practice | Article

Skin cancer may increase subsequent primary malignancy risk

Research suggests that people with non-melanoma skin cancer are at moderately increased risk for developing other primary malignancies in the future, particularly breast and lung cancer and melanoma.

24-04-2013 | Gastroenterology | Article

Epstein–Barr virus linked to improved gastric cancer survival

Research shows that Epstein–Barr virus positivity in gastric tumor cells is associated with improved prognosis.

23-04-2013 | General practice | Article

Chinese bird flu continues to spread

The H7N9 avian influenza outbreak in China is continuing to spread, although authorities believe that the large majority of those affected did not become infected via human-to-human contact.

23-04-2013 | Oncology | Article

Cell sorting device improves detection of circulating tumor cells

An automated cell sorting device developed in the USA may allow circulating tumor cells to be detected with greater accuracy than by current methods, say researchers.

22-04-2013 | General practice | Article

Good dental care reduces mortality risk in elderly

Elderly individuals with tooth loss could lower their risk for mortality if they practice good oral hygiene, report researchers.

22-04-2013 | Surgery | Article

Vacuum-assisted closure aids complex wound healing in head and neck

Vacuum-assisted closure is an effective treatment in the management of wound-healing disorders of the head and neck, say researchers.

21-04-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Monoclonal antibody single therapy not effective in Type 1 diabetes

The monoclonal antibodies canakinumab and anakinra, inhibitors of the innate immune mediator interleukin-1β, do not seem to be effective at slowing the decline of β-cell function in individuals with recent-onset Type 1 diabetes, report researchers.

21-04-2013 | Metabolism | Article

Sjögren’s syndrome found in one-fifth of lupus patients

Researchers have identified key characteristics that predict the development of Sjögren’s syndrome in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, finding that up to a fifth of patients are affected.

21-04-2013 | Radiology | Article

Multiphasic multidetector CT aids renal cell carcinoma differentiation

Multiphasic multidetector computed tomography may help clinicians discriminate clear cell renal cell carcinoma from oncocytoma, papillary RCC, and chromophobe RCC, study findings suggest.

18-04-2013 | Psychology | Article

Exercise mediates alcohol brain harm

Researchers have found that aerobic exercise may mitigate the damaging effect of heavy alcohol consumption on white matter in the brain.

18-04-2013 | Genetics | Article

FOXP3 gene genetic variants linked with vitiligo

Three variants in the forkhead box P3 gene are associated with increased risk for vitiligo in the Han Chinese population, show study findings.