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14-01-2013 | Radiology | Article

Hearing loss with radiotherapy for head and neck tumors

Radiotherapy for head and neck tumors has permanent, progressive, and dose-dependent effects on patients’ hearing, report researchers.

14-01-2013 | Physical rehabilitation | Article

New hope for people with sound-induced deafness

Preliminary results from a study in mice suggest it may be possible to regenerate cochlear hair cells that have been damaged due to excessive noise exposure.

13-01-2013 | Psychology | Article

Cognitive deficits in adolescents persist for months following concussion

Cognitive deficits in adolescents occurring as a result of sports-related concussions can last for as long as 2 months after injury, say researchers.

09-01-2013 | Surgery | Article

Graft recommendation bursts onto eardrum repair scene

Researchers say that a 0.2-mm partial thickness graft is optimal for reconstruction of subtotal tympanic membrane perforation.

07-01-2013 | Hospitalist | Article

Laryngopharyngeal surgery option for outpatients

Laryngopharyngeal surgeries that are performed in an ambulatory setting demonstrate low complication and admission rates, suggesting that such procedures can be carried out safely on an outpatient basis, show findings from a US study.

07-01-2013 | Stroke | Article

Trauma, infection link with stroke seen in children

Research shows that trauma and acute infection are significant risk factors for arterial ischemic stroke in children.

02-01-2013 | Surgery | Article

Novel implant for craniofacial reconstruction has mixed results

A single-stage, surface-mounted implant designed using the principles of the intraosseous transcutaneous amputation prosthesis is an effective bone anchor for an external prosthesis but may not produce good cosmetic outcomes in complex craniofacial reconstruction, researchers say.

01-01-2013 | Cardiology | Article

Thromboprophylaxis does more harm than good in head and neck surgery

Patients undergoing oncologic head and neck surgery do not benefit from thromboprophylaxis, report researchers.

27-12-2012 | Immunology | Article

Rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps ‘predisposes to psoriasis’

People who suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps have around twice the risk for psoriasis as the general population, a Taiwanese study has found.

26-12-2012 | Genetics | Article

DNA adducts linked to oral cancer in smokers

Having a high susceptibility to certain types of DNA damage caused by tobacco smoking could significantly increase the risk for oral cancer, show results of a Taiwanese study.

19-12-2012 | Otolaryngology | Article

Coffee habit improves survival chances with oral cancer

Drinking more than four cups of coffee per day lowers the risk for death from oral/pharyngeal cancer by almost half compared with drinking none, according to US study findings.

18-12-2012 | Immunology | Article

Enlarged lymph nodes may warn of cancer

Enlarged lymph nodes are a marker for both occult cancer and a long-term risk for malignancy, confirms research published in the

British Journal of Haematology


17-12-2012 | Stroke | Article

Nasopharyngeal cancer patients at risk for stroke

Patients with nasopharyngeal cancer are at an increased risk for ischemic stroke, particularly if comorbidities are present, report researchers.

17-12-2012 | Surgery | Article

Young men, cyclists at risk for facial fractures

Young men and individuals involved in road accidents on a bicycle are the most likely candidates for maxillofacial fractures, indicate Dutch study results.

12-12-2012 | Oncology | Article

Predictor of lymph node metastasis after oral cancer unmasked

The presence of high levels of tumor-associated tissue eosinophilia in early oral squamous cell carcinoma tissue can predict future occult lymph node metastasis, study results show.

11-12-2012 | Surgery | Article

Radioactive iodine benefits selected papillary thyroid cancer patients

Radioactive iodine may be selectively used for the treatment of intermediate-risk papillary thyroid cancer in patients who are aged over 45 years with tumors smaller than 4 cm that are confined to the thyroid gland, say US scientists.

11-12-2012 | Physical rehabilitation | Article

Cleft palate children need regular hearing check-ups

Children with cleft palate require regular audiologic and otologic follow-up to ensure their management is appropriate and timely, say researchers.

05-12-2012 | General practice | Article

Elderly cope better with oral cancer

Older individuals with oral squamous cell carcinoma report better health-related quality of life at one year after curative surgical treatment than do their younger counterparts, indicate UK study results.

05-12-2012 | Otolaryngology | Article

Patient-reported outcomes of head and neck surgery in focus

Researchers have taken the first step toward developing a new measure of health-related quality of life in people who have undergone head and neck reconstruction.

03-12-2012 | Psychology | Article

Cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety-related dizziness

Patients with chronic subjective dizziness that is related to anxiety may substantially benefit from a short course of cognitive behavioral therapy, report researchers.